Application of Centrifuge in Solid-liquid Separation of Rural Pigs’ Waste

According to the requirements of the new rural construction and the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, now, pig farms build biogas digesters and biochemical ponds to treat feces and urine, but the fecal materials into biogas digesters have not been separated from solid and liquid. The actual use proves that the direct biogas culture effect is not ideal. Because untreated fecal water enters the biogas digester, the organic load per unit volume of the biogas digester is greatly increased, so the volume of the biogas digester is much increased.

Because of the long-term use of biogas digester, a large amount of residue is left behind after fermentation, which makes the biogas digester blocked and the capacity decreases, which results in the biogas digester can not be used, and the cleaning pool is extremely inefficient and unsafe, and the cost is increased at the same time. If the direct sale of fresh pig manure is difficult to transport. Therefore, we find that solid-liquid separation measures should be carried out before pig manure, which can not only solve the problem of pig manure precipitation in biogas digesters, greatly enhance the treatment capacity of biogas digesters, but also greatly reduce the construction area of biogas digesters and biochemical ponds.

Save the construction investment and land use area of environmental protection treatment, the separated pig manure can also be directly used as fruit trees, tree fertilization and organic fertilizer raw materials. Sell to organic fertilizer plant as organic fertilizer raw material or self-made organic fertilizer, both social and economic benefits. This machine can be widely used as chicken, cattle, horse and all kinds of intensive farms for the separation of animal feces, distiller’s grains, residue, starch residue, sauce residue, slaughtering plant and other high concentration organic sewage residue.

The practicability of flat centrifuge: the separation speed of slag liquid is fast, the moisture content of fecal slag after separation is between 50-60%, the amount of slag and water content can be adjusted, it can be used for different ingredients of feed (such as grass and concentrate feed), easy to transport, Its solid particles are suitable for fish feed and organic fertilizer raw materials.

Advanced: flat centrifuge decontamination ability, no blockage, easy to clean. The solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen and phosphorus removal rate of treated fecal and urine water can be between 70 and 95% respectively.

Durability: the frame, sieve frame, screen and so on of plate centrifuge are made of stainless steel and anticorrosion treatment, etc., corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life.

Economy: flat centrifuge automation, low power consumption, low price. Easy to operate simply press the start stop button

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