Characteristics of Decanter Centrifuge

The spiral sedimentation centrifuge has reasonable structure, advanced technology and fine manufacture. It can concentrate, dehydrate or separate solid particles in the range of several microns to three millimeters.
Product characteristics :

1, Good adaptability: in the process of fully considering the material, the process of various special requirements for centrifuges, the primary components of the implementation of special, adjustable optimization design. As long as the user before the purchase of the installation and use of the place, material processing physical and chemical characteristics, process requirements and so on, we will provide users with the most suitable model. High degree of

  • Automation: centrifuge in the work of feeding, separation, unloading, and other processes are carried out in high speed continuous automatic operation. The automatic control of centrifugal separation and centrifugal scour process is completed by programmable controller.
  • Stability The differential used in centrifuge is cycloid wheel differential or planetary wheel differential, which has the characteristics of large torque and wide conditioning range.
  • Performance is strong: the centrifuge adopts the double motor double frequency conversion energy reaction differential speed system to control, carries on the flexible stepless conditioning to the differential speed, and adjusts the differential speed at any time according to the material change. real energy saving products. Good
  • Operation environment: centrifuge separation of materials is carried out under completely closed conditions, to ensure that the operation site is neat, and to maintain the production environment neat and hygienic, to complete civilized production.
  • Safety maintenance device is completely reliable: centrifuge with torque maintenance, power control and other multiple maintenance can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by sudden failure to the machine. Beautiful 7. Shape: the machine seat is welded by carbon steel, the appearance is treated by special technology, lubrication is smooth.

The horizontal screw centrifuge is a equipment for separating suspension by centrifugal sedimentation principle. Its working principle is that when the separated suspension enters the drum of the centrifuge, the solid particles with higher density than the liquid phase quickly settle to the inner wall of the drum under the centrifugal force of the drum. The separated liquid flows out from the overflow Weir of the drum. This horizontal screw centrifuge can feed, separate, wash and unload continuously at full speed. Compact structure, continuous operation, smooth operation, strong adaptability, production Large capacity, convenient maintenance and other characteristics. suitable for separating suspensions with solid-containing particle size greater than 0.005 mm, concentration range of 2-40%. Widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

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