The type of liquid phase in drilling mud

Today we will share some knowledge of liquid phase of drilling mud. The liquid phase of drilling fluid has many kinds of fluids that can be used as the liquid phase of drilling fluid. For example, fresh water, saline water, salty water, saturated saline water, diesel oil, crude oil and a variety of mineral oil and modified vegetable oil. Which liquid phase is selected mainly depends on the inhibition required by the drilled formation. The liquid phase has strong inhibition ability, which can prevent the reduction of soil fluid and the expansion of active solids, thus limiting the formation slurry making ability. Fresh water is the best medium for sticking to the hydration (expansion), and also the liquid with the worst inhibition



Oil is the best non-ionic inhibiting fluid. At present, water in oil-based drilling fluid exists in an emulsified state and is bound by oil. Therefore, this water in oil drilling fluid has the advantages of less damage to low pressure and low permeability reservoirs, preventing shale hydration expansion, preventing collapse, lubricity, maintaining the original state of active chips, weakening or completely stopping hydration, etc.

Salt water can also be used to inhibit the hydration of solids in the liquid phase. The inhibition ability depends on the concentration and type of salt dissociation. The higher the salt concentration is, the stronger the inhibition ability is, and the saturated salt water has the strongest inhibition ability.
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