The principle of mud agitator

The well drilling fluid is used to balance the formation pressure, transfer power, remove cuttings and carry them to the surface, and stabilize the wellbore by physical and chemical means.
In the over or under compacted formation, or the easily dispersed and expansive formation, the directional well fluid becomes more challenging, and special measures are required to ensure that the well fluid performance is sufficient to deal with these situations. The well fluid prepared with viscosity increasing agent, thinner, weighting material and special additive can meet the special needs of the site. At the same time, in order to reuse the well fluid, the well fluid cannot be over diluted, and the cuttings must be removed from the well fluid. This chapter mainly describes the importance of mixing to the well fluid circulation system. This chapter also details the adverse effects of incorrect mixing, anti floating and mixing on the well fluid. In addition to mixing, mixing, shearing, ingredients and chemical additives are also important for well fluids. When the size and installation can make additives and chemicals with maximum speed and minimum problems.
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The function of the surface well fluid system is to allow the well fluid to be maintained and treated before being tied into the well. This can be achieved by effectively using solid control equipment to remove unwanted solids, and at the same time, recycle well fluid as much as possible. After the solid phase is removed, the next step is to quickly and completely mix the chemical additives and well fluid materials. Full release and mixing is very necessary for solid removal and maintenance. Most of the wrong well fluids must be mixed with equipment to avoid solids in the floating tank, so as to keep the well fluid composition uniform. There are two kinds of equipment that can achieve this goal: mechanical release mixer and well fluid gun
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