GN Mining Vibrating Screen

As we all know GN solids control has focused on solids control equipment of oil gas industry for more than 15 years. In the past 15 years, we built long terms relationship with many top energy company, and get the reputation from the market, meanwhile we accumulated lots manufacture experience of equipment and also separating technology. In 2019,we built our other GN brand and it is GN separation, GN separation concerned on the separation equipment of different application, mining vibrating screen if one main product of it. Till now, we have completed our whole series equipment line of vibrating screen. Today I am going to share our mining slurry dewatering shaker.
vibrating screen

Different with oil gas industry, mining vibrating screen required much higher treating capacity and long lifetime. On solids control equipment, we used the steel wire mesh as the main filter material to separate the solids off liquid, and its lifetime is about 400 hours. However, 400 hours is too short for mining industry. Polyurethane material screen is a good selection for mining sludge. It is more anti-vibration and longer lifetime. As usually, one PU screen can user about half year. Except the material , the whole screen was spliced together by several small screen modular. When partial of screen was damaged, we just need to replace the damaged part, it is good to save money of screen.

BIG treating capacity is the most feature of mining vibration screen. The biggest model of GN mining vibrating screen can separate out 40m3/hour of dry solids. And this vibrating screen is 7×24 hours continuous work without stop. From the photos we can see, the vibrating deck wall used large rivet to instead of welding technology. This design of rivet can stress relief , and raise the wall strength.

Except dewatering screen, we also can provide classification vibrating screen to classify different size mining particle, if your project have demanded on our equipment, welcome to contact us.

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