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GN Cuttings Dryers in Houston warehouse

GN Solids Control is famous company who has working on solids control and drilling cuttings management for many years. Now GN equipments are divided into two parts: solids control, drilling cuttings management.
GN Solids Control equipments are including shale shaker, desander, desilter. On the other side, GN drilling cuttings management systems are including decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.
GN cuttings dryer is very popular in the WBM and OBM treating. Now many cuttings dryer manufacturers can deal with OBM, but there’re not many companies can deal with WBM well. Due to the successful projects that GN cuttings dryers has worked, more and more drilling companies are coming to GN for their WBM treating.

GN Cuttings Dryer
Now GN two sets of cuttings dryers are storaged in Houston warehouse. GN Solids America LLC always welcomes clients to our Houston warehouse and see our dryers before place the order.
Generally speaking, GN cuttings dryers are used to separate the solids that smaller than 3 mm in the drilling fluids. The expensive drilling fluids can be reused by separating with GN cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge. 1 m³ clean drilling fluids can be recycled from the 3 m³ by using GN drilling cuttings management systems, treating capacity is different for different fluids with various densities and viscosities.
There are three types of screen baskets: 250 microns, 350 microns as well as 500 microns. The minimum cuttings size can be separated out is 250 microns. Distance between screen basket and flight is only 1 mm, which can be modified when the flight is wear after using for a long period.
GN automatic lubricating system can pump oil inside the cuttings dryer automatically, which keeps the key parts in a good using condition. Cuttings can be feed by a screw conveyor or cuttings pump to the top outlet of the cuttings dryer. There’s one distribution disc that separates all the cuttings evenly.
Four sets of flushing ports around the inside shell are used to protect the liquid ring from blocked. One flushing pump (usually positive placement pump) is needed to provide water or diesel for cleaning. GN also has one special design parts air knife system, which can provide high pressure air to blow away those cuttings blocked on screen basket.