GN Made Great Success in the 20th International Trenchless Show

GN Solids Control just came back from the 20th International Trenchless Technology Conference 2016 with great success. The 20th conference was held in Beijing Conference Center, during this show there had been a large quantity of professional visitors come to this show and share experiences as well as exchange opinions.
During this show, GN Solids Control exhibited one set of 500GPM mud treating system and one set small centrifuge. GN Solids Control has designed and manufactured whole mud treating and recycling mud systems for global no dig industries for many years. Until now, GN Solids Control mud systems have been successfully used in over 60 countries. GN manufactures economy mud systems and high configuration systems, most of these systems are used by global large customer such as Vermeer, Major Drilling, Schrumm and CNPC etc.

With these years’ fast development, GN Solids Control has provided two choices for our customers: one is standard mud system, like to GNMS-500D exhibited in this show; the other mud system is all customized based on customers’ detailed demands.
For those standard mud systems, GN Solids Control is able to manufacture them in a really short period before leave factory. And they can be put into use immediately. GNMS-500D is designed and manufactured in a pretty compact structure: one desander is mounted on the top of settling tank where a centrifugal pump is fixed. Drill slurry is feed into the bottom shaker first, where the coarse solids will be separated out. Then centrifugal pump will be used to feed into the desander cyclone for further separation. There is also a second deck shaker with finer screens, slurry discharged from the cyclones with the treated by this deck again. A clean drilling fluid is stocked in the bottom declined tank and can be reused for drilling.
Sometimes, a mini centrifuge will be used for further separation. GN 9 inch rotating bowl decanter centrifuge can be used in this situation. While sometimes for large volume treating, you might need a 30inch bowl decanter centrifuge.

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