Mud Mixing System for Carribbean Customer Used in Mud Plant

Recently, GN solids control just finished the manufacturing of one set drilling mud mixing system used in mud plant to recycle in addition to re-configure the drilling mud. Now GN has already established business model will many customer via Caribbean Sea. Just like that customer who has been reached with GN for over three years. This mud mixing system was fabricated in GN’s China factory and now inside of delivery test process. That customer also came to GN’s office in Houston for people who do buiness negotiation and got some device equipment for their urgent job.
Actually, this mud mixing system includes both the mud recycling and mixing system with total 4 mud tanks. The detailed setting of this system is as bellows:
The Recycling Tank System

1 . One unit 2-panel screen shale shaker which is often used to remove the solids from the recycled drilling mud.
2. Two unit high speed decanter centrifuge used for remove the locate solids in the drilling mud. With speed up to 3200 RPM, this unit might separate the solids to 5 microns. The centrifuge was fed by submersible slurry pump with ability of 30 cubic measures per hour.
3. Mud these recycling tank with dimension regarding 12192x2438x2590mm. Same dimension for a 40ft container including most tank accessories like control cabinet, hand rails, path board, valves and hooking up unions.

The Mixing Tank System
1 . Three mud tank with same age as 12192x2438x2590mm, one of and that is equipped with 2 unit shearing pump of 75 HORSEPOWER used to cut the added plastic chemicals to re-configuring the actual drilling mud.
2 . Some units centrifugal pump prepared for each of the 4 fish tanks to transfer the lively mud to the mud vegetable. The mud plant is to use many unit of taller Cylinder type tank.
a few. Necessary mud agitators, mud guns, liquid level indications, lighting system are set up accordingly.

This customer organization belongs to Halliburton. As a primary solids control and going waste management equipment company and solution provider, thus far, GN solids control have obtained good remarks from many big in the oil industry just like Baker Hughes, Shell, CNPC, SINOPEC, COSL, PDVSA, NIDC etc . Later, GN may also share more information regarding the overall performance of this mud mixing system on site.

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