How to select the suitable shaker for drilling mud

As we all know shale shaker is the core equipment for solids control equipment on the solids control system. Which used to remove out the big drill cutting and improve the property of drilling mud. How to select the suitable shale shaker is very import for drilling work.


shale shaker

shale shaker


Generally, the well pad must be equipped with at least one shale shaker. The purpose of shale shaker and other solid removal equipment is the same, which is to reduce the drilling cost. Drilling operation usually requires limiting the content and size of solids in drilling fluid. The shale shaker can remove large solids in drilling fluid that returns to the ground. If these solids are retained in the drilling fluid, many drilling problems will be caused. First, it is necessary to decide whether to choose a clay slip conveyor or a clay remover, which must be considered when cobalt meets new rock formations. Secondly, consider whether to use a coarse mesh screen. When a large amount of drilling cuttings or clay returns to the wellhead, it is necessary to use a coarse mesh screen. Generally speaking, when the drilling fluid flow rate exceeds 1000 gal/min when cobalt enters the open hole with a diameter of 172 in, it is required to use a coarse screen before using a fine screen. Finally, the number and type of the main shale shaker used to treat all drilling fluids should be selected. The selection goal is to make the unweighted drilling fluid pass through the most detailed screen cloth as much as possible. For weighted drilling fluid, the use goal of vibrating screen is to make all drilling fluid pass through the API200 mesh screen cloth (too fine screen cloth will remove more weighting agent).

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