GN Solids Vacuum Pumps for drilling waste cleaning to Africa

Last week we delivered 2 units vacuum pump to African customer for drill cutting transfer. Drill cutting is separated out from drill mud. High solids content and include different size particle . Some the solids of oil base drilling mud is also very high viscosity. The traditional pump is no way to transfer these kind material. GN solids vacuum pump is specially designed for this kind application.
vacuum pump
From product name vacuum pump we can know it is different with traditional electrical pump. This pump is driven by high pressure air. The suck power was generated by venture structure . High speed air flow go through the venture, generate differential pressure inside and outside venture, and suck the air out from pump tank, then inside the tank will be a negative pressure space. Which will suck the material into the pump tank. After the tank full sludge, pump will switch to discharge model. High pressure air feed into pump, and then push solids out of pump tank , and finish the discharge.
As usually, the pump need at least 0.8 M pressure , higher pressure higher power. But as usually we control the air source lower than 1.4 Mpa. For different pump,required air flow is vary. Such as our bigger model GNSP-40B, need 17 cube meter air source per hour; for 20B required 8 m3 air supply. This pump is maintenance free. It is almost no spare parts. No wearing parts. But before stopping the machine, make sure the pump discharged all material inside of pump tank. Otherwise, some material will stick on pump after drying and block pump. Solids vacuum pump is not only used in oil gas industry, but also good at transfer dry solids powder, such as sand, and particle smaller than 5mm.
When you select our pump, you need to consider the suck height and discharge height. Also welcome to contact GN to get the suitable model.

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