The Using Limited of Shale Shaker in Solids Control Industry

As we all know shale shaker is the core equipment of solids control system for drilling mud treatment. But there are some situation which is not suitable to use shake :
shale shaker
When the end of the shale shaker starts to overflow drilling fluid (or the liquid phase in the drilling fluid), it indicates that the shale shaker has reached the limit of solid-liquid separation capacity. This limit is determined by the following two factors: (1) Fluid treatment limit, i.e. the maximum drilling fluid flow rate that can be handled by the shale shaker. (2) Solid phase treatment limit, that is the maximum amount of solid phase that the shale shaker can transport to the outlet. These two factors restrict each other. If the number of solid phase treated increases, the number of liquid phase that can be treated decreases.
All type of shale shaker and screen surface combination has a pure liquid phase (excluding solid phase) processing capacity, which depends on the characteristic parameters of the shale shaker (such as gravity factor, vibration frequency, vibration type, screen surface installation angle, etc.), screen surface characteristics (such as screen surface area and conductivity), and fluid performance (viscosity, density, additives, and fluid type). The treatment ability of pure liquid phase characterizes the treatment limit value when no solid phase is separated from the liquid phase. For the convenience of discussion, it is assumed here that there is no solid phase in the drilling fluid that is larger than the mesh size, although this is unlikely to occur in actual operation. The vibrating screen cloth is a percolation medium, and its treatment capacity is determined by permeability, grid distribution density (conductivity) and effective filter vector area. When the fluid viscosity increases (the influence of plastic viscosity is crucial, but the influence of dynamic shear force and gel strength cannot be ignored), the handling limit of the shale shaker decreases. When the fluid density increases, the treatment limit of the shale shaker increases. This is because when the drilling fluid flows through the screen surface, the increased weight will exert a downward force on the screen surface, thus making the drilling fluid pass through the screen surface faster.
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