GN Linear Vibrating Screen – Revolutionizing Domestic Core Drilling Fluids Cleaning

We are excited to introduce GN Linear Vibrating Screen, a game-changing solution for domestic core drilling fluids cleaning. In the mining industry, effective solids control equipment is essential to maintain drilling productivity and safeguard downstream machinery. With GN’s state-of-the-art equipment, including the GNLMP1224 shale shaker, a custom liquid-gas separator, the powerful GNSB6×5J-370C sand pump, and the efficient aggregate tank, we are set to revolutionize the core drilling process and optimize overall drilling performance.
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2023.07.21 diamond core drilling vibrating screen

GN Linear Motion Shale Shaker (GNLMP1224):
The GN Linear Motion Shale Shaker, also known as GNLMP1224, is a high-performance mining sieve designed to efficiently remove large solids and cuttings from drilling fluids. The unique linear motion technology allows for the processing of substantial volumes of drilling mud while maximizing solids separation efficiency. By reducing waste volume and ensuring cleaner drilling fluid, the GNLMP1224 shale shaker significantly improves drilling performance and reduces operational costs.
To complement the GN Linear Vibrating Screen, we offer a tailor-made liquid-gas separator that efficiently removes gases and air from the drilling fluids. This separator prevents gas intrusion and gas-cut mud, which can lead to drilling issues and equipment damage. The customized design seamlessly integrates with the shale shaker, forming a powerful combination that ensures optimal drilling fluid cleaning.
Sand Pump (GNSB6×5J-370C):
The GNSB6×5J-370C sand pump is a robust and reliable centrifugal pump designed specifically for transferring drilling fluids with high sand content. Working in tandem with the GN Linear Vibrating Screen, the sand pump recirculates clean drilling fluids while continuously discharging separated solids, resulting in a continuous and smooth drilling operation. Its efficient performance and durable construction make it an indispensable asset in any drilling operation.
Aggregate Tank:
The aggregate tank is purpose-built to store the separated and cleaned drilling fluids, guaranteeing a constant supply of clean fluid during the drilling process. The GN Linear Vibrating Screen feeds the clean drilling fluids into the aggregate tank, which then supplies the drilling rig’s mud pump. This seamless integration ensures a consistent flow of clean fluids to the drill bit, ultimately enhancing drilling efficiency and minimizing downtime.


In conclusion, GN Linear Vibrating Screen, along with its accompanying equipment, offers a cutting-edge solution for domestic core drilling fluids cleaning. The combination of the GNLMP1224 shale shaker, customized liquid-gas separator, powerful GNSB6×5J-370C sand pump, and efficient aggregate tank enables superior solids control, improved drilling performance, and reduced environmental impact.

With GN’s advanced equipment, you can invest in the efficiency, productivity, and long-term success of your drilling operations. Bid farewell to drilling complications caused by poor solids control, and embrace the future of drilling fluid cleaning with GN Linear Vibrating Screen and its comprehensive equipment suite.

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