GN Linear Vibrating Screen for Domestic Core Drilling Fluids Cleaning

GN Solids Control, a leading manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment, has recently specifically designed for the cleaning of domestic core drilling fluids. This innovative equipment is set to revolutionize the cleaning process and improve efficiency in the mining industry.

One of the key components of this system is the GNLMP1224 Linear Motion Shale Shaker, which is ideal for removing solids and impurities from drilling fluids. Its high G-force linear motion provides excellent performance in separating solids from liquid.
Another crucial element of the system is the customized Liquid Gas Separator. This device effectively separates the gas from the returned mud during the drilling process. By removing the gas, the drilling fluid’s performance and overall operability are significantly enhanced, resulting in improved drilling efficiency.
2023.07.21 dewatering vibrating screen linear motion

2023.07.21 diamond core drilling vibrating screen

To support the drilling operation, the system is also equipped with a powerful GNSB6×5J-370C Sand Pump. This high-quality sand pump delivers efficient and reliable performance, ensuring smooth and continuous flow of the drilling fluid throughout the process.
Additionally, the system includes an mud Tank that collects the drilling mud, allowing for easy disposal and management of waste materials. This tank minimizes environmental impact by ensuring proper containment and disposal of the used drilling fluid.

The overall drilling process employed by the customer utilizes the gas lift reverse circulation principle. Double-wall drill pipes are used, allowing compressed gas to be injected into the annular cavity of the drill pipe, increasing the pressure at the bottom of the borehole. The gas then returns along with the drilling fluid through the inner hole of the drill pipe. This method ensures fast fluid return and efficient carrying capacity of cuttings.

GN Solids Control is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the mining industry. With their cutting-edge equipment, they continue to revolutionize the way drilling fluids are cleaned, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable mining process.