3-Phase Disc Stack Separator for Overseas Vegetable Oil Separation: GNSD225

In a bid to enhance the efficiency of vegetable oil separation processes in overseas markets, a cutting-edge 3-Phase Disc Stack Separator has been introduced. This advanced equipment, with the model number GNSD225, is set to revolutionize the industry with its remarkable features and specifications.
The key specifications of the GNSD225 model are as follows:
Drum Diameter: 810 mm
Piston Diameter: 730 mm
Processing Capacity: 30-40 m3/h
Speed: 4500 RPM
Motor Power: 75 kW
Drive Type: Belt
Bearings: SKF
2023.07.13 vegetable oil disc stack separator
The GNSD225 Separator stands out due to its large drum diameter of 810 mm, which enables efficient separation of vegetable oil from impurities. With a piston diameter of 730 mm, it ensures smooth and precise operations, further contributing to the high-quality separation process.
The separator offers a significant processing capacity of 30-40 m3/h, allowing for large-scale production and meeting the demands of overseas markets effectively. Operating at a speed of 4500 RPM, the GNSD225 achieves rapid separation, saving time and increasing productivity.
Powered by a 75 kW motor, this separator guarantees consistent performance and energy efficiency. The drive system utilizes a belt mechanism, enabling reliable power transmission and ensuring smooth operation throughout the separation process.
Moreover, the GNSD225 model is equipped with SKF bearings, renowned for their durability and high load-carrying capacity. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the separator, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime.
The materials used for the drum, drum cover, and large piston are of the highest quality, designated as Material A. These robust components contribute to the overall sturdiness of the separator, enabling it to withstand rigorous operating conditions and ensuring longevity.
The introduction of the 3-Phase Disc Stack Separator, GNSD225, presents a significant advancement in overseas vegetable oil separation. Its exceptional specifications and features make it a valuable asset for manufacturers in the industry, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and quality. With its high processing capacity, reliable motor power, and durable construction, this separator is poised to revolutionize vegetable oil separation processes worldwide.