Mud cleaner plays a essential element

Mud cleaner plays a essential element inside the drilling liquid strong handle program. Mud cleaner integrate swirl ten inch de sander, 4 inch de silter and bottom shale shaker, which correctly process the drilling fluids immediately after shale shaker. In some methods, mud cleaner procedure large treating capacity, fast speed and occupies smal space l,
Technically, mud cleaner is encouraged for heavier and modest particles contained drilling fluid. Small fine particle might be extracted by the hydrocyclone but not clog within the cone. Shaker screen will approach the fluids in the Apex of hydrocyclone. liquid inlet pressure ought to be maintained towards the extent 0.25~0.4MPa. GN mud cleaner could be the modest because the US Mission pump which effectively feeding the drilling fluid for the de sander cone and de sitler cone.
Our mud cleaning is extensively applied for the oil & gas drilling site, dredge slurry site, horizontal direction drilling, bored plant, tunnel boring, mining industry even the concrete separation. GN also is extensively recognized as leading the way in the solids control industry. Not only single unit shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer, but also sophisticated complete technique.
Real-time drilling monitoring program for measuring very important values:

Dual function unit with double deck shale shaker and mud cleaner :

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