Daily Maintenance of Centrifuges

Centrifuge is an instrument for separating samples, which is widely used in biomedical, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene and other fields. It uses the difference of precipitation speed of different substances in centrifugal force field to realize the analysis and separation of samples. Since the advent of centrifuge, after the low speed, adjustment, overspeed changes, its progress is mainly reflected in centrifugal equipment and centrifugal technology, the two complement each other.

From the view of rotational speed, table centrifuge basically belongs to the category of low speed and high speed centrifuge, so it has the technical characteristics of low speed and high speed centrifuge, and its structure is mainly composed of motor drive system, refrigeration system, mechanical system, turning head and system control.  Part of the composition, compared to the floor centrifuge is only a little smaller size and capacity. The development of universal desktop centrifuge has blurred the boundary of low speed, high speed, micro and large capacity centrifuge large capacity centrifuges.

Maintenance of centrifuges

(1) After each use, be sure to clean the centrifuge cavity and rotor.

(2) Clean up the water in the centrifuge chamber in time. Centrifuge operation using compression mechanism cold, because the air contains moisture, in the centrifuge cavity frost into water. Most large-capacity centrifuges have no drainage holes, and more water is accumulated in the centrifuge cavity. At this time, the rotor should be removed to clean up the water. When reinstalling the rotor, be sure to install it to avoid accidents.

(3) There are rubber sealing rings in the contact between the upper part of the centrifuge chamber and the door cover, and in the contact between the rotor seat and the bottom of the centrifuge chamber, and any deformation should be observed frequently to prevent external heat infiltration, such as deformation or aging should be replaced in time.

(4) Check regularly whether the door cover pneumatic support rod and door lock switch can work properly.

(5) Check regularly whether the cooling fan is working properly; regularly remove dust from the centrifuge ventilation window and condenser to ensure the ventilation effect and the heat transfer effect of the condenser.

(6) Check the oxidation layer on the inside and outside surface of the rotor regularly, if there is peeling, corrosion, serious scratch, deformation or crack, it should be stopped in use. When the centrifuge is not in use for a long time, the rotor should be taken out and coated with antirust oil on the rotor seat and drive shaft to prevent the rotor seat and drive shaft from rusting.

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