Safety Management of Centrifuges

For the cause of centrifuge accident, in order to ensure the safety of centrifuge use, we should strengthen the following aspects of management.

Correct installation of centrifuges

(1) Power supply voltage. The voltage fluctuation should meet the industry standard within 10%, otherwise the centrifuge can not run normally. If the voltage fluctuation exceeds the industry standard, the voltage regulator should be used to meet the normal working needs of the instrument.

(2) Protection of grounding. The indoor should have independent ground wire, the ground wire should be reliably connected with the centrifuge shell, the ground resistance <4Ω, the ground wire can not be connected to the heating pipe, the water pipe, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accident.

(3) Centrifuge placement. A suitable location should be selected according to the performance of the centrifuge, and the general low speed centrifuge (table) can be placed on a smooth, solid table (its base is equipped with rubber suction feet, with the help of atmospheric pressure and the weight of the instrument itself, close to the table); large capacity low speed centrifuge and high speed centrifuge should be placed on the corresponding solid ground, horizontal placement. Centrifuge weighing hundreds of kilograms, should be placed on a very solid ground, and equipped with dustproof, moisture-proof equipment. There is no strong vibration source near the centrifuge, avoid heat source and direct sunlight around, leave some space around, keep good ventilation.

(4) Host installation. Adjust the screw to support the machine foot to the ground, observe and adjust the screw through the level to make the main engine stable. Install the rotor, position the fastening, place the leveler in multiple parts of the rotor, adjust the screw until the leveler bubbles are all located in the center. Ensure that the 4 feet are balanced and the suspension is not allowed.

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