A Simple Understanding of Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a very important instrument used in many fields of industry and chemistry. Its purpose is to achieve the separation of useful or non-material, to ensure that such separation can improve the utilization of substances, and many experiments can be carried out, and all of these benefits, that is, the invention of centrifuges to achieve the results, and people do meet their own application needs.

After finishing the basic introduction of the centrifuge, it is very necessary for us to know the working principle of the centrifuge, to understand, such an instrument is how to achieve separation work, which will help us a lot in using it in the future.

In fact, the working principle of the centrifuge is very simple, it is through the centrifuge inside the rotor through high speed operation, speed up the settlement between liquid and solid later to achieve separation, so this is very simple, but we need to pay attention to the force generated by this rotor, if not strong enough, still can not produce separation effect, so in the design, pay attention to the construction of this part.

Of course, when it comes to this application principle, that is, the natural phenomenon that we will often see in our daily life, and the use of instruments is to transform the natural phenomenon, and through the instrument to complete its separation, so this method is also feasible. It is important to know that the application of centrifuges in human society is indeed huge and vast, so it is useful and good to know such an instrument.


◎ microcomputer control, AC frequency conversion motor drive, smooth operation, quiet.

 ◎ large liquid crystal display speed, centrifugal rate, temperature and time and other parameters, running can change the parameters at any time, no downtime.

 ◎ can set centrifugal force, RCF value, can be exchanged, can be observed at any time.

 ◎ is provided with a short-time centrifugal special click key.

 ◎10 gear acceleration and deceleration control ,9 gear free stop time can reach 540 s, meet the special separation product use requirements.

displayed in seconds when the ◎ time is less than one minute.

 ◎ adopt electronic door lock, full steel inner cavity protective sleeve.

 ◎ is suitable for the separation and purification of radioimmunoassay, biochemistry, biopharmaceutical and blood products.

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