Construction Slurry Dewatering System Working in North America Company

Our Houston branch GN Solids America LLC just sold one dewatering system to local for construction slurry treatment. This system will be used to remove out solids from slurry and recycle water from sludge. The recycled waste will be used again as building material.

dewatering system

dewatering system

This system is not only applicant for construction slurry, but also hydrovac sludge treatment. It is a integrated system, which can sort out different size particle. The system include slurry catching hopper, mining shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and also chemical dosing unit. The catching hopper has a steel filter in the surface, customer can directly dump waste into the hopper, the hopper will filter out big stone to avoid it damage separation equipment. slurry though the hopper drown into mining shake. It is a big shaker with large treating capacity, in this step. The grave and big size sand, these discharged can be used as building material. Discharged liquid will feed into mud cleaner. The mud cleaner include 10 inch hydrocyclone and 4 inch hydrocyclone. 10 in hydrocyclone is for removing particle size bigger than 60um, 4inch is to remove out bigger there 25um. Mud cleaner also mounted a bottom shaker with high mesh screen, it can separate the fine tiny.
In some project, the slurry after treating by mud cleaner is enough for reuse, but in some special project ,customer will require to get the liquid mucus cleaner much better. So we will feed liquid into Decanter centrifuge for finally separation. Different with shale shaker, it utilize centrifuge force generated in high rotated speed. Different density material under this high G force will be separate off. If the solids particle smaller than 5 um, flocculant will be feed through chemical dosing unit to combine tiny solids into bigger to help Decanter centrifuge to separate out these solids.
Actually, We had provided more than 15 systems in North America. Our system is very popular due to the good separation effect and high cost-effective. Every system is customized production according to client requirement. If you have demanded on our equipment, welcome to contact us.

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