Advantages and Disadvantages of Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is through rotating blade, push the material, widely used in building materials, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal mine, grain and other industries. Screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying powder, granular and small block materials, the temperature of general materials should be less than 200℃, it is not suitable for conveying materials that are prone to deterioration, easy to caking or sticky. Today, we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of screw conveyor, which is convenient for customers to understand and use.

 I. Advantages of screw conveyors

 (1) Spiral shaft and shaft are connected by embedded tongue type, which makes installation, disassembly and maintenance very convenient and has less failure rate.

 (2) The screw conveyor adopts variable diameter structure, and the lifting bearing can not contact with the material, so its life is long.

 (3) It is not easy to jam or block the material when conveying, and the head and tail bearing seat is outside the shell, the seal of the bearing is good can be used for a long time.

(4) The structure is simple and the size is small, so the occupied area and space are not very large.

(5) There may be multiple feed and discharge ports, which can be arranged flexibly.

 (6) It is delivered in a reversible direction and therefore can be delivered in both directions.

 (7) Safe and reliable operation, can complete transportation, mixing, stirring, loose, heating and cooling processes.

 II. Disadvantages of screw conveyors

 (1) The friction between the blade, the casing and the material is relatively large, which makes the blade and the casing easy to wear, and the power consumption is also relatively large.

 (2) The transport distance is limited and can not exceed the maximum requirement.

 III. Selection of screw conveyor diameters

 For the screw diameter of the winch conveyor, the requirements should be met:

 In the case of conveying bulk material, the screw diameter shall be 10 times the maximum side length of the particle;

 If there are only a small number of large particles, the spiral diameter should be 4 times the maximum side length of the particle.

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