Characteristics and Advantages of Slurry Rapid Precipitator

According to the mud properties of different mine sand washing plants, the use of different mud rapid precipitator products can effectively ensure the recycling of cleaning, rapid precipitation speed, flocculation tight. Compared with the present treatment process of mud wastewater from sand washing yard, the separation of mud water and flocculation sedimentation purification by using mud rapid precipitator has great advantages, which is manifested in the following aspects:

  1. sewage treatment capacity is large: reduce the precipitation time of suspended matter, reduce the content of suspended matter in sewage and reduce the cost of sewage purification treatment, small area, low management costs. At present, the sedimentation tank sewage purification treatment system, which is widely used by mine sand washing field production enterprises, only depends on the gravity of fine particles for precipitation, its precipitation speed is slow and the precipitation time required is longer.
  2. addition amount is less: using this product with a very small amount can play a good flocculation sedimentation effect, rapid precipitation.
    3. removal rate is high: the mud sand branch removal rate is more than 95%, the water in the clear liquid tank can be returned directly to the sand washing system, and the real zero discharge can be achieved. This product can be used for piling, mining, sand washing yard and other mud precipitation treatment.
  3. Usage:
    1. the slurry rapid precipitator solid particles and tap water were stirred and dissolved into liquid state, which was directly added to the instantaneous precipitation in the mud wastewater of the sand washing field by the way of valve or metering pump. the dissolved concentration of the slurry rapid precipitator was generally 0.1%-0.2%.

2.for the uncertain sediment concentration in mud wastewater, the amount of addition should be determined by experiments.

3.for the treatment of different concentrations of sand washing wastewater, the amount of mud precipitator can be adjusted by field debugging.

Note: the amount of mud precipitator is determined with the concentration of sand washing sewage, if the amount of excessive, it will cause waste and will have a reaction, if the amount of mud precipitator is not enough, it will be difficult to produce precipitation, so the correct and reasonable control of the dosage, should first do a small test to determine the dosage in use.E

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