5 Sets Oil Sludge Treatment System Delivered to Nigeria

After 3 months manufacture, GN solids control finally exported this 5 sets oil sludge treatment system. The Nigeria client arranged the third party to inspect all equipment before shipping, and all products reached client requirement and comply with API standard.

These 5 sets system main include the following equipment:
Vertical cutting dryer with jack-up support.
The vertical cutting dryer is the core machine of the system, which is used to dewater the drill cutting, and recycle the drilling mud involved the drill cutting discharged from shale shaker. This machine model is GNCD930. As usually, it can satisfied the using of 2000HP rig machine
10 sets Decanter centrifuge and skid
The 5 units centrifuge was used to treat the drilling mud ,which is one partial of solids control system. The other 5 units are used to treat the discharged liquid from vertical cutting dryer. All these 10 units centrifuge are the most featured and popular model GNLW363D. 5 units are VFD control and the other 5 units are fixed speed centrifuge.
Decanter CentrifugeScrew Conveyor
The other auxiliary equipment of 5 units rig machine.
These auxiliary equipment include 40 units GNSC screw conveyor. Partial of them used to feeding sludge to vertical dryer. And the other used to transfer the discharged solids from decanter centrifuge. These screw conveyor also equipment speed adjustable function. After that, they also purchased 15 units screw pump, 5 of them used to flush vertical cutting dryer, and 10 unit used to feed slurry to decanter centrifuge.

This Nigeria customer is one of the big petroleum develop company. They have their own petroleum field and also drilling team, and mud company. We cooperate since 2012, and purchase from GN every year. We are really appreciate for client trust that they purchased this 5 sets system. We will continue to provide the best quality equipment to customer.

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