Mud cleaner for drilling mud treatment

As we all know GN is one of the most famous brand on oil gas industry for the solids control equipment manufacture and design. GN was funded in 2005 and built his own branch in Houston America. As one of the most popular manufacture, GN exported his equipment to more than 76 countries and served more than 20000 project in all over the world. We manufacture them with US standard, but our equipment do have very competitive price since we made them in China. This is our advantage to get the material with low cost.
mud cleaner

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This week we delivered several units mud cleaner to customer for offshore drilling project. Different with onshore drilling ,offshore drilling has more strictly requirement to the quality ,because the drilling platform or drilling fleet must keep the safety and prevent any accident as much as possible. That means the normal manufacture is not accepted by offshore project. For example, offshore project always require DNC certification of lifting eye. The manufacture must has the professional to test the lifting eyes and then we can apply for the certificate. With more than 17 years experience, GN accumulate lots experience of manufacture and design. And our staff are very familiar with the requirement to offshore drilling requirement. All these guaranteed we can provide the equipment to totally satisfied with client requirement.

Mud cleaner is the most featured solids control equipment of GN. We have several models according to the treating capacity. For this time it is GNLW703-2S12N model ,which has 2 unis 10 inch centrifuge plus 12 units 4 inch centrifuge, and also equipped the bottom shaker to dryer the solids. This equipment can remove out particle bigger than 20 um. Operator can use it as a desander, desilter or shale shaker through control the inlet valve of cyclone.
GN has the whole production of solids control equipment , and also good at provide customized system, if you have demanded on them, welcome to contact us to get more information.

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