Modular Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System for Uzbekistan Customer

In waste treatment industry ,oil sludge is one of the material that most hard to treatment. As usually, these kind project required large treatment capacity, and also need 3 phase separation water oil and solids. For most treatment technology ,how to separate away oil with soil, this is difficult. We are making one oil sludge washing and Sep system for our Uzbekistan customer. This oil sludge treatment system include one different modular: air compressor ,air storage tank ,pre-heat modular ,shale shaker modular ,Decanter centrifuge ,and 3 phase separation modular ,and chemical dosing unit modular.
2022.09.20 Disc Stack Separator2022.09.20 Oil Sludge Treatment

In this system, first step is flushing the oil sludge with clean water in the premixed tank ,add water to reduce the solids content of material. Meanwhile, the system will heat these material. With the slurry temperature raising ,the oil will be easy to leave off the soil. In this step, we can get the mixture of solids,water and oil, all of them are not mutually soluble. These slurry will feed into shale shaker modular first. Shale shaker will remove out big particle, and the size moved out depends on the selected mesh of shaker screen. After treatment by shale shaker, we will get the mixture of water, oil and solids that solids content is about 20%. We till need to reduce the solids content and then we can move forward the last oil water solids the 3 phase separation. This 20% solids content material will be pumped Decanter centrifuge, under the separation force generated thorough high rotated speed, most solids will be removed out. After that will can pump the discharged liquid from Decanter centrifuge into disc centrifuge .
Disc centrifuge can generate the G force about 5000G. Even the very tiny solids can be separated out. Oil and water also will separate away under this high separation force. After that,we can finally receive the oil,water and solids.

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