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Modular Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System for Uzbekistan Customer

We are building one oil sludge washing and separation system for Uzbekistan customer. This system will be used to process the sludge with large oil and less water. This kind material is the most difficult to treat in waste management industry. Because most cases, the oil and solids ware hard to separate away. To solve this issue, GN equipped one washing modular in the system to flushing the stuck sludge first.

The sludge flushing will reduce the solids content of material and mix with large water ,improve the flowability of material. Meanwhile, this modular will also heat the slurry. As we all know the oil will easy to separate away with solids after raising the material. We will also add demulsifier to this slurry, which will help to transfer the Emulsified oil separate away with water. After that , we will pump these slurry into shale shaker to separate out most big size particle; And then pump into 2 phase Decanter cent to reduce solids content in discharged liquid from shaker, finally we these oil and water mixture will feed into 3 phase disc centrifuge to complete the finally oil water separation ,and also remove less solids.
In this system, we recommend our GNZS752 shale shaker, and GNLW553 Decanter centrifuge and also GNSX 520 disc centrifuge. All these equipment was manufactured by our own. The shale shaker and decanter centrifuge have been used in more than 2000 projects in the global market. Especially in the oil gas industry, we provide lots shaker and decanter centrifuge for the drilling mud treatment . And also the oil sludge treatment system for drill cutting process.
This system is high efficiency with treatment about 15cube meter per hour, and people can recycle the oil for reuse, and lower the pollution of oil sludge. GN also can provide system with capacity of 2m3/hour and 5 m3/hour. If your project have demanded on this system, please feel fee to contact us.

Modular Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System for Uzbekistan Customer

In waste treatment industry ,oil sludge is one of the material that most hard to treatment. As usually, these kind project required large treatment capacity, and also need 3 phase separation water oil and solids. For most treatment technology ,how to separate away oil with soil, this is difficult. We are making one oil sludge washing and Sep system for our Uzbekistan customer. This oil sludge treatment system include one different modular: air compressor ,air storage tank ,pre-heat modular ,shale shaker modular ,Decanter centrifuge ,and 3 phase separation modular ,and chemical dosing unit modular.
2022.09.20 Disc Stack Separator2022.09.20 Oil Sludge Treatment

In this system, first step is flushing the oil sludge with clean water in the premixed tank ,add water to reduce the solids content of material. Meanwhile, the system will heat these material. With the slurry temperature raising ,the oil will be easy to leave off the soil. In this step, we can get the mixture of solids,water and oil, all of them are not mutually soluble. These slurry will feed into shale shaker modular first. Shale shaker will remove out big particle, and the size moved out depends on the selected mesh of shaker screen. After treatment by shale shaker, we will get the mixture of water, oil and solids that solids content is about 20%. We till need to reduce the solids content and then we can move forward the last oil water solids the 3 phase separation. This 20% solids content material will be pumped Decanter centrifuge, under the separation force generated thorough high rotated speed, most solids will be removed out. After that will can pump the discharged liquid from Decanter centrifuge into disc centrifuge .
Disc centrifuge can generate the G force about 5000G. Even the very tiny solids can be separated out. Oil and water also will separate away under this high separation force. After that,we can finally receive the oil,water and solids.

5 Sets Oil Sludge Treatment System Delivered to Nigeria

After 3 months manufacture, GN solids control finally exported this 5 sets oil sludge treatment system. The Nigeria client arranged the third party to inspect all equipment before shipping, and all products reached client requirement and comply with API standard.

These 5 sets system main include the following equipment:
Vertical cutting dryer with jack-up support.
The vertical cutting dryer is the core machine of the system, which is used to dewater the drill cutting, and recycle the drilling mud involved the drill cutting discharged from shale shaker. This machine model is GNCD930. As usually, it can satisfied the using of 2000HP rig machine
10 sets Decanter centrifuge and skid
The 5 units centrifuge was used to treat the drilling mud ,which is one partial of solids control system. The other 5 units are used to treat the discharged liquid from vertical cutting dryer. All these 10 units centrifuge are the most featured and popular model GNLW363D. 5 units are VFD control and the other 5 units are fixed speed centrifuge.
Decanter CentrifugeScrew Conveyor
The other auxiliary equipment of 5 units rig machine.
These auxiliary equipment include 40 units GNSC screw conveyor. Partial of them used to feeding sludge to vertical dryer. And the other used to transfer the discharged solids from decanter centrifuge. These screw conveyor also equipment speed adjustable function. After that, they also purchased 15 units screw pump, 5 of them used to flush vertical cutting dryer, and 10 unit used to feed slurry to decanter centrifuge.

This Nigeria customer is one of the big petroleum develop company. They have their own petroleum field and also drilling team, and mud company. We cooperate since 2012, and purchase from GN every year. We are really appreciate for client trust that they purchased this 5 sets system. We will continue to provide the best quality equipment to customer.

Mud cleaner for drilling mud treatment

As we all know GN is one of the most famous brand on oil gas industry for the solids control equipment manufacture and design. GN was funded in 2005 and built his own branch in Houston America. As one of the most popular manufacture, GN exported his equipment to more than 76 countries and served more than 20000 project in all over the world. We manufacture them with US standard, but our equipment do have very competitive price since we made them in China. This is our advantage to get the material with low cost.
mud cleaner

20220909 (2)
This week we delivered several units mud cleaner to customer for offshore drilling project. Different with onshore drilling ,offshore drilling has more strictly requirement to the quality ,because the drilling platform or drilling fleet must keep the safety and prevent any accident as much as possible. That means the normal manufacture is not accepted by offshore project. For example, offshore project always require DNC certification of lifting eye. The manufacture must has the professional to test the lifting eyes and then we can apply for the certificate. With more than 17 years experience, GN accumulate lots experience of manufacture and design. And our staff are very familiar with the requirement to offshore drilling requirement. All these guaranteed we can provide the equipment to totally satisfied with client requirement.

Mud cleaner is the most featured solids control equipment of GN. We have several models according to the treating capacity. For this time it is GNLW703-2S12N model ,which has 2 unis 10 inch centrifuge plus 12 units 4 inch centrifuge, and also equipped the bottom shaker to dryer the solids. This equipment can remove out particle bigger than 20 um. Operator can use it as a desander, desilter or shale shaker through control the inlet valve of cyclone.
GN has the whole production of solids control equipment , and also good at provide customized system, if you have demanded on them, welcome to contact us to get more information.

The application of shale shaker in non oilfield drilling is different with oil and gas drilling

The application of shale shaker develops fastest in the field of non excavation drilling. Many of the above types of vibrating screens together with hydrocyclones constitute drilling fluid cleaning equipment. The micro tunnel project of tunnel is widely used in Europe and is also increasingly used in the United States. Micro tunnel drilling is a kind of horizontal drilling with large borehole (from 27 to 10 feet), in which pipes are laid while drilling. This practice is most typical when laying or replacing water pipes and sewage pipes under urban buildings and traffic arteries.

In order to prepare for construction, large-diameter vertical boreholes or caissons shall be dug first, so that drilling equipment and hydraulic press can be installed at a certain depth. The open caisson is slightly lower than the equipment level, so a sedimentation tank can be formed when the drilling fluid returns, which is conducive to removing the solid phase. The drilling fluid pumped back to the surface is pumped into a simple solid phase removal system through a submersible pump, which is mainly composed of a vibrating screen and a drilling fluid cleaner installed on a small storage tank.



In order to lay pipelines on the river bottom for river crossing, it is necessary to drill a small-sized borehole on the riverbed. When the borehole with a larger diameter for laying the pipeline is used for back reaming, the pipeline is connected to the drilling tool and dragged back under the river. When laying large-sized pipes, a solid solid control system must be established with composite vibrating screen, desander, desilter, centrifuge, etc. The drilling fluid cleaning equipment reduces the waste of drilling fluid.
When laying pipes and cables across the road, it is often required to pass under the road. When drilling at the roadside, the traffic shall not be affected and the road surface shall not be damaged. This drilling size is usually small to avoid the use of solid phase removal equipment. If the drilling fluid accumulation causes impact, the drilling size is too large, a shale shaker or a drilling fluid cleaner will be used.
Fiber optic cable fiber optic cable laying does not need to drill a large borehole. However, since the construction is often carried out in residential and commercial areas, the drilling fluid and drilling solid phase must be loaded into special devices. At this time, the solid control system only includes a small storage tank, a pump box and a small shale shaker.