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Characteristics of Decanter Centrifuge

The spiral sedimentation centrifuge has reasonable structure, advanced technology and fine manufacture. It can concentrate, dehydrate or separate solid particles in the range of several microns to three millimeters.
Product characteristics :

1, Good adaptability: in the process of fully considering the material, the process of various special requirements for centrifuges, the primary components of the implementation of special, adjustable optimization design. As long as the user before the purchase of the installation and use of the place, material processing physical and chemical characteristics, process requirements and so on, we will provide users with the most suitable model. High degree of

  • Automation: centrifuge in the work of feeding, separation, unloading, and other processes are carried out in high speed continuous automatic operation. The automatic control of centrifugal separation and centrifugal scour process is completed by programmable controller.
  • Stability The differential used in centrifuge is cycloid wheel differential or planetary wheel differential, which has the characteristics of large torque and wide conditioning range.
  • Performance is strong: the centrifuge adopts the double motor double frequency conversion energy reaction differential speed system to control, carries on the flexible stepless conditioning to the differential speed, and adjusts the differential speed at any time according to the material change. real energy saving products. Good
  • Operation environment: centrifuge separation of materials is carried out under completely closed conditions, to ensure that the operation site is neat, and to maintain the production environment neat and hygienic, to complete civilized production.
  • Safety maintenance device is completely reliable: centrifuge with torque maintenance, power control and other multiple maintenance can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by sudden failure to the machine. Beautiful 7. Shape: the machine seat is welded by carbon steel, the appearance is treated by special technology, lubrication is smooth.

The horizontal screw centrifuge is a equipment for separating suspension by centrifugal sedimentation principle. Its working principle is that when the separated suspension enters the drum of the centrifuge, the solid particles with higher density than the liquid phase quickly settle to the inner wall of the drum under the centrifugal force of the drum. The separated liquid flows out from the overflow Weir of the drum. This horizontal screw centrifuge can feed, separate, wash and unload continuously at full speed. Compact structure, continuous operation, smooth operation, strong adaptability, production Large capacity, convenient maintenance and other characteristics. suitable for separating suspensions with solid-containing particle size greater than 0.005 mm, concentration range of 2-40%. Widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is through rotating blade, push the material, widely used in building materials, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal mine, grain and other industries. Screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying powder, granular and small block materials, the temperature of general materials should be less than 200℃, it is not suitable for conveying materials that are prone to deterioration, easy to caking or sticky. Today, we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of screw conveyor, which is convenient for customers to understand and use.

 I. Advantages of screw conveyors

 (1) Spiral shaft and shaft are connected by embedded tongue type, which makes installation, disassembly and maintenance very convenient and has less failure rate.

 (2) The screw conveyor adopts variable diameter structure, and the lifting bearing can not contact with the material, so its life is long.

 (3) It is not easy to jam or block the material when conveying, and the head and tail bearing seat is outside the shell, the seal of the bearing is good can be used for a long time.

(4) The structure is simple and the size is small, so the occupied area and space are not very large.

(5) There may be multiple feed and discharge ports, which can be arranged flexibly.

 (6) It is delivered in a reversible direction and therefore can be delivered in both directions.

 (7) Safe and reliable operation, can complete transportation, mixing, stirring, loose, heating and cooling processes.

 II. Disadvantages of screw conveyors

 (1) The friction between the blade, the casing and the material is relatively large, which makes the blade and the casing easy to wear, and the power consumption is also relatively large.

 (2) The transport distance is limited and can not exceed the maximum requirement.

 III. Selection of screw conveyor diameters

 For the screw diameter of the winch conveyor, the requirements should be met:

 In the case of conveying bulk material, the screw diameter shall be 10 times the maximum side length of the particle;

 If there are only a small number of large particles, the spiral diameter should be 4 times the maximum side length of the particle.

GN can customize screw conveyors upon customers’ request. No matter O-type or U-type, GN is able to fabricate quality products specially for clients’ needs and requirements. We have standard products for multiple usage. Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

What is the maximum tilt angle of the screw conveyor?

How much is the maximum tilt angle of the screw conveyor, depending on what specifications the screw conveyor is, the screw conveyor is divided (tube type, U type, no shaft, have shaft), and then what material is transported is related to this screw conveyor angle problem.

When the screw conveyor is used to transport the material horizontally, the material is pushed by the screw blade. When the internal friction force between the material layers is greater than the external friction force between the material and the groove wall, the material flow is stable when the ratio of the height of the material layer to the width of the machine slot is satisfied. The the material is transported vertically, it depends on the property of the material. The material in the machine slot is pushed by the spiral piece in the direction of movement. The lower part is continuously fed to prevent the upper material from sliding, resulting in lateral side pressure, thus increasing the internal friction of the material. on transportation to form a continuous material flow. Because the spiral vibrates in the movement, the material arch will be destroyed and formed sometimes, which makes the material lag for the spiral gap in the transportation process, which affects the conveying capacity.

What is the maximum tilt angle of the screw conveyor? For the same material, there are shaft, no shaft, tube, U type, etc., the same speed ratio of screw conveyor is the same type, their conveyor quantity is different, not to mention if there is tilt angle, the conveying quantity is more different, because screw conveyor has tilt angle, material has backflow phenomenon, so the conveyor quantity is different.
For the same type of speed ratio screw conveyor, under the condition of conveying the same material and angle, the axial tube type screw conveyor is larger, and the U type screw conveyor without shaft is smaller. the maximum tilt angle of shaft tube screw conveyor is 45°, and the maximum tilt angle of shaft tube screw conveyor is 30°. The maximum tilt angle of U screw conveyor with and without shaft is °20-30.

Remark: The greater the angle of the screw conveyor, the same speed ratio and model screw conveyor, the transport volume will be weakened. Screw conveyor is often used for dust removal equipment.

Operation Process and Advantages of Industrial Centrifuges

Centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate the components of a liquid from a solid particle or a mixture of liquid and liquid. Mainly used in chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. There are many kinds of centrifuges, let’s talk about the operation process and advantages of industrial centrifuges.

The characteristic of industrial centrifuge is that it can automatically carry on the cycle operation of feeding, separating, washing, drying, discharging, washing net and so on. The operating time of each process can be automatically controlled by the electrical hydraulic system according to the procedure according to the predetermined requirements, or it can be operated directly by manual.

When the industrial centrifuge is operated, the feed valve opens automatically, the suspension enters the drum running at full speed, the liquid phase is thrown out of the drum through the filter net and the small hole in the drum wall, and then flows out through the outlet of the casing. The slag left in the drum is evenly distributed on the filter surface by rake teeth. When the filter slag reaches the specified thickness, the feed valve automatically closes. Then the flushing valve is opened automatically, and the washing liquid is sprayed on the filter slag for a certain time, and the valve is automatically closed. After drying for a certain time, the scraper rises automatically, the filter slag is scraped and discharged through the inclined chute. When the scraper rises to the limit position, it automatically recedes, and the flushing valve is opened to flush the filter. For a certain duration After time, complete an operation cycle. re-start feed into the next operation cycle.

Industrial centrifuges have the advantages of strong adaptability to materials, the particle size of solid particles can be used from very fine to very coarse; the concentration of suspension and the change of feed is not sensitive; filter, washing time can be freely adjusted; filter slag dry, and can get very good washing; generally at full speed to complete each process, production capacity; can filter or settle some difficult to separate suspensions.

GN produces quality centrifuges that can be applied in many industries and fields, such as mining, chemical, petroleum, food and beverage, edible oil, pharmaceutical etc. Please contact us for more information.