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GN Cuttings Dryer and Decanter Centrifuge for Sinopec

GN Solids Control has been working in the area of drilling waste management for many years, we are proud to say GN has leading this industry since the beginning. Until now, GN cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge are still the most successful and practical products in Chinese market as well as in the foreign countries. Many large clients are using GN solids control and drilling waste management systems, and they give high praise for the good performance. Clients such as Baker Hughes, Shell etc are using GN products for their oil drilling.
For the domestic market, GN solids control and drilling waste management systems are always the first choice when we consider the working performance, product quality and after sales service. GN just provided 3 sets of drilling waste management systems to Sinopec project in Shandong province. These equipments are as follows:
1. GN Vertical Cutting Dryer
Sinopec purchased 3 sets of cuttings dryer GNCD930C from GN. These dryers are especially used for OBM, WBM or SBM treatment. Treating capacity is ranging from 30T to 50T based on the separating materials.
Now GN has upgraded the cuttings dryers to D version, rotating speed of the screen basket is 1200 RPM comparing the former 900 RPM. And the D version cuttings dryer is much more compact than the C version.

2. GN Decanter Centrifuge
Here they are using GNLW363CG centrifuge with fix speed. GN centrifuge has excellent working performance. All the screw propellers are protected by tungsten carbide tiles which are pretty helpful for anti-abrasion. GN centrifuges are using genuine bearings from SKF which can be used for long time.

Besides GN363 centrifuge, GN also has some other types of centrifuges in different bowl dimensions. Some are especially used for large treating capacity such as GNLW553 with 22 inch rotating bowl, and some are widely used on diamond drilling or coring drilling area such as GNLW223 centrifuges with 9 inch rotating bowl.
This year GN Solids America will exhibit one D version cuttings dryer and one GNLW553 centrifuge in the OTC show. Welcome to visit our booth if you have time.

GN Solids Control is Shinning in this dark period

As the oil price is going down, many oil companies are suffering from this great pain deeply. Some the oil and gas companies are cutting cost by various methods, some drilling companies are trying to find a more cost effective solutions for their solids control and drilling waste management systems.
Some companies might thought solids control equipments or drilling waste management systems made in China are always very cheap with poor quality. But the truth is many large manufacturers pay great attention to the quality control, one of the largest solids control manufacture such as GN Solids Control Co. and GN Solids America LLC have been exported to over 60 countries due to the excellent quality and rest assured after sales service.

Although the oil market is pretty tired, GN Solids Control Co. is getting more and more chances to win large clients for over abroad clients. In this Jan., GN has selling over dozens decanter centrifuges to one drilling mud client in Africa. Trying to find a much more reliable supplier in China might be one of the best way for continuing the oil and gas drilling temporarily, and it will be getting to known by more and more famous oil companies globally. For GN, we have provided many solids control equipments and drilling waste management systems to large clients such as Shell, Baker Hughes etc. This will be a golden chance to proven that not all the equipments made in China are always with poor quality. At least, it’s obviously to know, most of the Apple iphones are made in China. Who dare to the say the quality is not good?
And GN also has also got some large bids in the domestic market since the beginning of this New Year. Several weeks before, GN Solids Control just provided three sets of drilling waste management systems to one Sichuan drilling company. More and more drilling companies are showing great confidence to GN products. Welcome to see our Beijing factory for everyone that is interested in our equipments, you can reach us by


GN Solids Ameirca attend Canada oil show Global Petroleum Show 2015 in Calgary

GN Solids Ameirca, with facility and headquarter in Beijing-GN solids control, will attend Canada oil show Global Petroleum Show 2015 in Calgary, AB. This is the first time for us to attend this oil products show, but we are not newer here in Canada market.

The show general information is as below:

Time: June 09-11, 2015

City: Calgary, AB

Booth No.: Hall F ,8503

Equipment for sale: GNLW553-VFD decanter centrifuge, 22inch bowl, 500gpm treating capacity, electric motor and VFD control panel comply with CSA.

Welcome to drop by our stand and check this big bowl decanter centrifuge with VFD control panel if you are interested. If you are unavailable this time, you can also meet our sales and check our equipments at:

OTC 2015 dated on May 04~07 in Houston, show equipments: VFD decanter centrifuge and “D” version advanced vertical cuttings dryer

GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer has been widely used for drilling cuttings treatment system in the world, you can see the working videos from our website:

It can be used for both water based drilling cuttings and oil based drilling mud, also it can treat the cuttings from both onshore and offshore,the unique design lead us as one of the top vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuges manufacture in China.

CIPPE 2015 dated on March 26~28th in Beijing, China, the equipments for show including: solids control equipments, drilling waste management system, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, mud recycling system, etc.

CIM2015 dated on May 10~13th in Montreal, Quebec. The equipments for show: mini decanter centrifuge for core drilling

As the reliable support for the whole America market, GN solids America has essential spare parts in stock to provide assured after sales service to our clients. We have experienced engineer team there for trouble shooting. Our professional sales are available to accept you to visit our warehouse stocked items.

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