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Solids Control Equipment for Oil & Gas Drilling Application

GN solids control equipment is mainly used for oil & gas drilling application. Our equipment effectively removes the solids from drilling fluids and maintains the mud properties. Recently, we have completed 3 sets of completed solids control equipment for European oil & gas drilling industry including conventional shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitators, mud guns and centrifugal pump etc. This solids control system is matching with 100HP drilling rig.

Why Choose GN Solids Control system?EU Drilling

1. In solids removal, shale shaker is an economical option with minimal maintenance requirements and simple design. GN’s shaker employs a linear motion technique resulting in longer screen life and solids discards.

2. GN provides mud cleaners in low profile and standard arrangements. Each unit comes with 10” desander and 4” desilter hydrocyclones, and GN mud cleaner maximum reduced solid waste and increased drilling fluid recovery.

3. GN vacuum degasser is capable of separating all the hazardous gas maintaining the mud properties and density. Vacuum degasser is widely used in the oil & gas drilling application. Also, GN degasser works as a big blender for the drilling fluids contribute to the treatment of desander and desilter

4. Decanter centrifuge plays a vital role in the solids control system. There are two main advantages in the solids control system. Foremost, centrifuge will maintain the mud properties and remove all the fine solids. On the other hand, it will recovery the barite for reusing purpose in the active mud.

5. Regarding to the mud mixing and storage system, we are also able to supply the mud agitators, mud guns, hopper and centrifugal pump etc. GN mud mixing system has the capabilities to mix all kinds of chemical achieving the balance mud properties

GN Solids Control is a well-known manufacture in enhanced solids control equipment including centrifuges, shale shakers, mud conditioners, drying shakers and other units.


GN solids America will attend OTC 2015 in Houston, TX, this is the 2nd time to attend OTC since we established Houston warehouse in 2014 Feb. This the 4th time for our headquarter-GN SOLIDS CONTROL to attend OTC since 2012. We got big success at OTC oil show in 2014, both GN solids control and GN solids America got much attention for worldwide drilling companies and orders of drilling mud shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, shale shaker screens.

We will show our new generation vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930D and GNLW553C-VFD big bowl decanter centrifuge ,and GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge with 14inch bowl this year. This is our first time to show the vertical G dryer in Houston, a lot of clients are looking forward to check it at the oil show, so this year we take it for the show. We will show the complete verti-G dryer system in CIPPE in Beijing, China which is held in March, 2015.

Same with OTC 2014, this year we still have 2 stands at Arena hall, we will publish the booth number in our official in March. Also you are welcomed to visit our warehouse at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040 and check our stocked equipments, shale shaker GNZS594E-HB, mud cleaner GNZJ594E-2S12N, decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG, shaker screens. To know the inventory qty, pls contact with GN solids America sales.

GN solids America also provide rental service for solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipments, and our engineer can provide the commissioning service if it is request. Pls check our rental equipments page in our website.

If you have a schedule to visit CIPPE in Beijing, pls contact GN solids control for an appointment, we can help you to arrange for hotel, airport picking up and take you to visit our factory in Beijing.

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2014 otc solids control equipment

GN Pumps for Global Solids Control Industry

GN solids control is a global manufacture for solids control equipment and has the capabilities to customize the mud system. Pumps play a vital role in the mud system efficiently transferring the fluids to the process equipment. GN pumps are fabricated with robust material and precision design. Explosion proof standard motor assures the pump quality.

Centrifugal Pump

Obviously, centrifugal pump is the most popular pump in the solids control industry. First and foremost, centrifugal pump has the capabilities to delivery drilling fluids to desander and desilter units as a feeding pump. On the other side, we could assemble the centrifugal pump with hopper to mixing the drilling fluids. We could provide the capacity from 200GPM to 1400GPM to meet with a variety of demand. Mechanical seal and iron steel impeller assure the centrifugal pump durability.

Shear Pump

GN shear pumps are widely used for oil & gas drilling industry. GN shear pump could cut off the polymers and clays in order to improve the mud properties. Impeller is particularly designed with a wider flow pass with larger flow area. Comparing with similar products, GN shear pump own 10% better function in energy-saving and efficiency.

Submersible Slurry Pumpsubmersible-slurry-pump-1

GN slurry pumps are mainly utilized for large solids content of fluids. It is made of abrasion-resistant alloy and gland seal between impeller and the main body, It is capable of transfer ring the fluids from mud pit to solids control equipment for processing. Vertical slurry pump saves much space in the jobsite.

Positive Displacement pump

Positive displacement pump is also called screw pump which is an ideal pump to feeding mud to decanter centrifuge without agitating and shearing. The shaft of pump is made from stainless steel so it handles with oil based mud for long time running.

GN Solids Control provides above pumps and other solids control equipment. Please feel free to contact with us if you require solids control information.

GN Decanter centrifuge spare parts support for international market

GN Solids Control is China top manufacturer for high speed decanter centrifuge and big bowl decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids brand is made in China but service and support in Houston TX, U.S.A. All GN products made per international standard and price competitive.

GNLW363-CG is the third generation design from GN for 14’’ decanter centrifuge. It is as the perfect replacement centrifuge of Derrick FHD-1000 and Swaco 518.

Many customers concern about the spare parts support. It is no need to worry about spare parts.

First, GN has international warehouse, cooperated partner or branch companies in many places. Like GN Solids America in Houston TX, GN Solids Russia in Moscow, GN Solids Australia in Sydney Australia, and partners in some Africa and Middle east countries. GN will stock normal equipment and spare parts in the warehouses. Customer can source spare parts from the nearest warehouse.

Secondly, GN will recommend customer buy 1-year or 2-year spare parts together with the centrifuge or other GN made equipment. After customer get the equipment, GN after sales teams will follow the equipment performance and advice customer to re-order spare parts at due time.

Furthermore, for the common spare parts, GN chooses from international famous brand. GN will not change the original part no and will give directly the original spare parts model list on user manual. Customer is easy to source at local market.

Besides, GN always have stock for GN hot sale equipment model, GN team can send replacement spare parts to customer by airfreight or by courier at the first time in case of urgent request.

Besides offer spare parts for all line GN made equipment, GN also offers replacement shaker screen for most famous brand shakers. As shaker screen is one of the most expensive wearing spare parts for drilling rigs. In order to reduce the cost of customer, GN made high quality replacement screens and offered with very good price.

363 Decanter Centrifuge 2

GN Dynamic Control Shale Shaker

GN shale shaker has been developed to increase solids control performance in drilling fluids recycle, HDD industry, dredge slurry industry and fine screening systems. Two dynamic motors in a high configuration create linear motion at all points on the shaker deck maximizing the solids recovery, liquid throughput and reducing the fluid retention on cuttings.

1. Drilling Fluids Recycle

GN Shale shakers are widely applied for recovering the drilling cutting in the oil & gasGN Shale Shaker drilling, water well drilling and other drilling industry. Large mesh shaker screens are capable of removing the large solids in the drilling fluids so contractor could reuse the drilling fluids and control budget. 585×1165mm pre-tensioned screen panel with hammer locking Wedge. Deck angle adjustment is available from -1 to 5.G- Force is adjustable to 7.5 G. 2.73 screen area with low frequently changing screen are welcomed by our many customers.

2 .HDD industry

Regarding to customer’s requirement, HDD project may require a small capacity shaker with multiple function. Therefore, we design GN double deck shale shaker to meet with customer’s expectations. Two types of shaker screens on the deck maximum remove different size of solids and prevent solids stuck on the screen panel.

3. Dredge Slurry Industry

In the dredge slurry separation, GN shaker plays an important role in removing the large solids such as debris, aggressive solid and abrasive solids. Subsequently, the fluid will be pumped to the desander or desitler units to get further process. Typically, small mesh screens are utilized in the dredge slurry system. High capacity and high G force GN shakers are widely used in dredge slurry system.

Whether it be used in Oil & Gas drilling, Water Well, HDD and Dredging, GN shaker is capable of separating unwanted solids from fluids, as well as reclaiming valuable solids that in the past have been costly and wasteful to dispose of.

Mud Plant for Africa Drilling Contract

Recently, GN has built up a mud plant system for an Africa drilling company. Customer has ordered a total 7 mud tanks from us this year. Generally, those systems are used for mixing the drilling fluids and storing all the drilling fluids. But there are some difference between this mud plant and normal mud plant.

1. ModificationMud Plant System

A). In the large mud mixing system, we normally install the two jet mud mixers including centrifugal pumps and hoppers in the system. However, we also install a shear pump in the jet mud mixers, which plays an important role in reducing or eliminating the polymer chain.

B). For lifting heavy chemical bags, we install a sliding hoist to carry and pierce all of chemical bags above the hopper. It will save much time to mix all chemicals for operators.

2. Configuration

A). Total 7 mud tanks are installed with sun shade roof to give operator a shade working place.

B). Each mud tank is equipped with three mud guns and three mud agitators to suspend all the solids.

C). Mud gun is rotating pattern and can cover 360 degree suspend. Mud agitators are customized by the length of mud tank.

D). Skid mounted mud tank with top quality paint is with anti-rust function.

In the first quarter of 2014, we have sold 17 mud tanks to COSL mud mixing project including mud gun, mud agitator and jet mud mixer etc. Except to mud mixing system, we also offer the solids control system and drilling cuttings waste management system for solids control industry. Mud mixing system plays an important role in the drilling project asa good mud mixing system will accelerate the rate of penetration, cooler the drilling bit and keep down hole pressure.  GN solids control is capable of customizing a variety of capacity of mud tank to meet with customer’s expectation.