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GN Subsidiary Manufactured Workshop Is Ready

As a leading manufacturer of solids control industry, GN solids control is meticulously working on the improvement of solids cont units. Keeping challenging ourselves and offer premium equipment is still in our mind. After years and years Unremitting efforts, GN Solids Control units and system are widely recognized by all over the world people and company. The requirement of our units is dramatically increasing. Under the massive demand from our client and potential customer, GN started setting up fourth manufactured workshop last year, and will be ready for operation in the beginning of next year.

GN decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pump will be fabricated in our new workshop. GN decanter centrifuge and centrifugal pump own the top technology and high working performance. GN old workshop is not able to meet with new demand. Therefore, GN promptly make new stride to open new workshop with advanced dynamic balanced device, testing device and CNC lathe and machining center

GN Decanter Centrifuge AchievementWorkshop

Maximizing barite recovery or looking to get the most out of your “zero-discharge” system, GN field proven decanting centrifuges are a perfect choice. With units installed worldwide, GN centrifuges can be found in almost every harsh environment, including Middle East, Russia, Africa and Brazil. Like all GN products, each centrifuge package is customized to meet your specific needs.

GN Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump is using a rotating impeller to increase the pressure of a fluid. Centrifugal pumps
are commonly used to move liquids through a piping system. The fluid enters the pump impeller along or near to the rotating axis and is accelerated by the impeller, Centrifugal pumps are used for large discharge through smaller heads. GN centrifugal pump is replaceable with Nov Mission pump with treating capacity from 198GPM to 1408GPM

Welcome you to visit our new workshop

The Major Parts of Oil Drilling System

Once the whole equipment is at drilling site, the staff will set the drilling rig up. There are some major parts of a land oil rig:Dominion Rig(04-03-14-04-25)

Drilling Parts

Hoisting system – used for lifting heavy loads; consists of a mechanical winch with a large steel cable spool, a block-and-tackle pulley and a receiving storage reel for the cable

Swivel (Tong) – large handle that holds the weight of the drill string; allows the string to rotate and makes a pressure-tight seal on the hole

Turntable or rotary table – drives the rotating motion using power from electric motors

Drilling Pipe – consists of drill pipe (connected sections of about 30 feet (10 meters) and drill Collars (larger diameter, heavier pipe that fits around the drill pipe and places weight on the drill bit)

Drill bit(s) – end of the drill that actually cuts up the rock; comes in many shapes and materials (tungsten carbide steel, diamond) that are specialized for various drilling tasks and rock formations

Casing – large-diameter concrete pipe that lines the drill hole, prevents the hole from collapsing, and allows drilling mud to circulate

Blowout preventer – high-pressure valves (located under the land rig or on the sea floor) that seal the high-pressure drill lines and relieve pressure when necessary to prevent a blowout (uncontrolled gush of gas or oil to the surface, often associated with fire)

Circulation system

pumps drilling mud (mixture of water, clay, weighting material and chemicals, used to lift rock cuttings from the drill bit to the surface) under pressure through the kelly, rotary table, drill pipes and drill collars

Pump – sucks mud from the mud pits and pumps it to the drilling apparatus

Pipes and hoses – connects pump to drilling apparatus

Mud-return line – returns mud from the hole

GN shale shaker – sieve large particle and solids from drilling fluids which 100% separate the cutting

GN Mud cleaner- Second step is after the shale shaker, which is including 10 inch desander and 4 inch desilter. Mud cleaner can handle from 350 GPM to 1500 GPM drilling fluids

GN Decanter Centrifuge-Cutting points reach to 2~10 microns, effectively separate the fine partilce

GN Screw Conveyer(Auger) – conveys cuttings from GN Solids Control unit to the reserve pit
reserve pit – collects rock cuttings separated from the mud

GN Mixing and Recycle Tank – where drilling mud is mixed and recycled

GN Jet Mud Mixer – where new mud is mixed and then sent to the mud tank

For drilling site circulation system, you could consult with GN for a better option.

Australia Frequent Mobile Mud Tank System

Frequent modifications of Horizonal Directional Drilling (HDD) constructing net page demands the drilling gear to mobile and transportable from 1 location to a extra. To attain this point, the drilling mud tank technique could possibly be mounted on a trailer or assembled with hydraulic jack legs. Not also extended ago we’ve got constructed a hydraulic lifting HDD mud cleaning and recycling unit in accordance for the Australian requires. The mud tank is generally lifted by four hydraulic jack legs.

Mud Tanks

The client calls to acquire a two-tank plan for his project, and amongst tanks equips with two decanter centrifuge for mud material recovery. The centrifuge utilised is GN Solids Control most well-liked model GNLW363G.

Earlier this month, a set of hydraulic jack up mud cleaning unit has been functioning in NSW Australia. You will have the ability to learn about an added mobile unit – trailer mounted mud tank strategy.


Shaker Screen Mesh Size Design and style

Plain square and rectangular weaves are usually referred to by the amount of wires (or openings) in every single path per linear inch. This really is known as the mesh count. The mesh count is determined by starting at the centre of one wire and counting the number of openings along the Shaker Screen grid towards the next wire centre, one linear inch away. One example is, an 8-mesh screen has eight openings in two directions at right angles to each other. When counting mesh, a magnifying glass scale designed particularly for this objective is helpful.

Use of a single quantity for describing screens implies a square mesh. By way of example ?°20 mesh± usually describes a screen having 20 openings per inch in either direction along the screen grid. Oblong mesh screens are frequently labelled with two numbers. A°60 x 20 mesh?, for instance is normally understood to possess 60 openings in a single path and 20 openings per inch within the perpendicular direction. Referring to a ?°60 x 20 mesh? screen as an ?°oblong 80 mesh is confusing and inaccurate.

The actual separation that a screen is capable of is largely determined by the size of the openings in the screen. The opening size is definitely the distance among wires measured along the screen grid and is expressed in either fractions of an inch or in microns, though it is most usually stated in microns. One particular inch equals 25,400 microns. Preserve in mind, specifying the mesh count does not specify the opening size. That is because each the amount of wires per inch and the size of the wires determines the opening size.
more shaker screen infor: Shaker Screen Arrangement

Mud cleaner plays a essential element

Mud cleaner plays a essential element inside the drilling liquid strong handle program. Mud cleaner integrate swirl ten inch de sander, 4 inch de silter and bottom shale shaker, which correctly process the drilling fluids immediately after shale shaker. In some methods, mud cleaner procedure large treating capacity, fast speed and occupies smal space l,
Technically, mud cleaner is encouraged for heavier and modest particles contained drilling fluid. Small fine particle might be extracted by the hydrocyclone but not clog within the cone. Shaker screen will approach the fluids in the Apex of hydrocyclone. liquid inlet pressure ought to be maintained towards the extent 0.25~0.4MPa. GN mud cleaner could be the modest because the US Mission pump which effectively feeding the drilling fluid for the de sander cone and de sitler cone.
Our mud cleaning is extensively applied for the oil & gas drilling site, dredge slurry site, horizontal direction drilling, bored plant, tunnel boring, mining industry even the concrete separation. GN also is extensively recognized as leading the way in the solids control industry. Not only single unit shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer, but also sophisticated complete technique.
Real-time drilling monitoring program for measuring very important values:

Dual function unit with double deck shale shaker and mud cleaner :