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Decanter Centrifuge Differential Speed Calculation

The differential speed for decanter centrifuge used in drilling waste management depends on the feeding slurry conditions.

1)   What is decanter centrifuge differential Speed?

The bowl and the screw conveyor inside the bowl runs at the same direction, but slower than centrifuge bowl speed. That’s the reason why the screw conveyor will push solids out of the decanter centrifuge. The differential speed is the how much RPM the screw conveyor slower than the bowl speed. For oil gas industry, normally the operator runs the decanter centrifuge with differential speed from 10- 50 RPM. The more RPM differential speed, the faster the screw push the solids, so the more capacity the centrifuge can handle, but the more moisture solids will be discharged, and vice versa. The formula is as below.

Decanter Centrifuge Speed

Decanter Centrifuge Speed

2) How to calculate decanter centrifuge differential Speed

Differential Speed= ( Bowl Speed – Gearbox Input speed) / Gearbox ration

  • Gearbox Input speed means the gearbox pulley speed.
  • Gearbox ration= 57 for GNLW363 Series.
  •  Gearbox Input speed is the back drive motor speed transferred from the belt to the gearbox depends on the pulley on the gearbox side and back drive motor side.

So for example, if the decanter centrifuge bowl speed =3200RPM and Gearbox input speed=1468RPM, then we can calculate

Differential speed=(3200-1468)/57=30RPM.

(2)Now operator wants to separate high gravity solids in the drilling waste so, he can adjust the decanter centrifuge bowl speed to be 2500RPM and ,if they do not adjust the back drive motor speed, the Differential speed=(2500-1468)/57= 18RPM

And if in this case, the operator wants to increase the capacity of the decanter centrifuge ,he can lower down the back drive motor speed from 60HZ to 30 HZ so gearbox input speed will change from 1468to 734RPM and decanter centrifuge differential speed=(2500-734)/57= 30RPM

Normally the customer can set 30RPM differential speed to check the performance and adjust the back drive motor speed to get the suitable differential speed for different mud.


GN Dirt Weapon desander available

The actual GN dirt weapon is made for combining the actual drilling liquids and stop precipitation. Usually it will likely be coordinated along with dirt agitators. Solids dirt content material, for example barite as well as reduced the law of gravity exercise solids, may negotiate with time within regions of reduced liquid motion. The actual dirt weapon may be used like a precautionary imply in order to fight solids develop so that as something to lessen several hours allocated to container cleansing. In order to get rid of away resolved solids in order to prevent develop associated with barite within container edges.

GN provide 2 dimension dirt weapons. two in . dirt weapon as well as 3 in . dirt weapon. GN Dirt Weapons can be found along with 360 rotaion deals with, which help the actual swiveling important joints.

Options that come with GN Dirt Weapon desander:

Dirt Weapon desander

the. Nozzle

The cast replaceable put on proof polyurethane aircraft nozzle can be used, along with raise period so long as 2000 hr.

3 nozzle along with 120 in between one another. Just about all container part could be included in dirt weapon, actually with regard to set dirt weapon

w. Swiveling Realignment

The actual rotates tend to be fitted having a retractable manage. This enables with regard to realignment after which collapsing the actual manage to get rid of a visit risk.

GN Solids Manage may be the very first API licensed solids manage tools producer within The far east. to learn more in our dirt weapon. Make sure you contact us :.


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drilling mud system of gn solids company

drilling mud system posted through Sophia Zhao. The actual Body shaker display are manufactured from steel. The actual cable fabric is actually rigidly bonded to some perforated steel solar panel that will extend the actual display existence. The actual body consists of regular co2 metal and also the nylon uppers consists of ss304 or even ss316 stainless materials.MI-Swaco Mongoose Shaker DisplayBecause MI-Swaco is really a well-known produce with regard to shale shaker produce, the actual display with regard to MI-Swaco may be well-liked. The actual remaining image is actually Mongoose shaker display as well as body kind.Sizing: Duration: 1165mm, Thickness: 585mm, Elevation: 40mm Coating: two, Display Materials: SS304 steel, Body materials: Co2 Metal. NOVEMBER Brandt Cobra Shaker DisplayNOVEMBER Brandt is really a well-liked produce with regard to essential oil drilling dirt digesting tools, certainly it s display already been popular globally.Sizing: Duration: 25inch, Thickness: 16inch, Elevation: 1inch Coating: two, Display materials SS304 steel, Body materials Co2 metalKEM-TRON KTL-48 shaker displayWith regard to KEM-TRON, its additionally a common produce with regard to dirt cleansing program focusing on essential oil drilling.Dimention: Duration 1220mm, thickness 710mm, Elevation 28mm Coating: 3, Display materials SS304 stainless, Body materials co2 metalAdditional type of body shaker displayGN Solids Manage keeps growing as well as gets to become recognized through the customers, all of us perform produce additional dimension associated with body shaker display according to buyyers ask for. know more about gnsolidsamerica  Contact  here :

drilling mud system-2


GN Solids America-Drilling Waste Management Company

GN Solids America LLC is a subsidiary of Hebei GN Solids Control Co, Ltd. who is a leading manufacturer for solids control & drilling waste management equipment for oil gas drilling, coal bed methane drilling, underground construction, and dredging slurry separation.

Since over 60% of GN’s business is dedicated to the oil gas industry, and 70% of our business is for the overseas market, the parent company has made the natural choice to establish its US branch in Houston, Texas, the top oil & gas industry centers in the world in order to develop it as the primary sales & marketing center for our international business for the drilling waste management equipment

Drilling Waste Management -GN America

Drilling Waste Management -GN America

GN Solids America will establish a 30,000 square foot warehouse, along with 1000 square feet of indoor space which will stock the top selling drilling waste management equipment. We plan to have a growing team which will include, among others, sales and service engineers, managers and executives for our business in America and Canada, and develop it to cover our business operations in Latin America.

GN Vertical Cutting Dryer is one of the popular products for OBM and SBM.As the developing for the evironment regulations,the drilling waste management has become more and more import.As an international famous brand for solids control,GN has been developping products suiting for drilling waste management.Up to March,2012, GN Solids Control is the only one API Certified manufacturer who provide Vertical Cutting Dryer for drilling waste management.GN also have the H-I G Dryer Shaker,and Dewatering Centrifuges,Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge availalble for drilling waste management and solids control.

GN Solids America- Drilling Waste Management Mission Statement

GN Solids America’s mission is threefold.

  • First is to create and ensure positive image of the GN Solids Control brand in the oil & gas industry drilling waste management.
  1. Second is to provide the most cost-effective solution for drilling solids control & drilling waste management.
  1. Third is to provide fast delivery and service for our customers the US & Canada, which we hope to build a good image for quality oil & gas drilling waste management products made in China.

Benefits of cuttings dryer Online

Immediately upon receipt of there examine contents for damaged and/or
missing components. Al l decanter centrifuge is sold FOB Derrick Corporation, Buffalo, New York. The transportation company signed a bill of lading at the time of shipment to indicate that all items were present and accounted for, and all items were in good condition at the time of shipment. The transportation company assumes responsibility for the equipment from that point forward. For proper handling of your claim, immediately report any loss or damage to the transportation company. For material shortages not appearing on the bill of lading or for discrepancies between material
ordered and material received, immediately notify Derrick Corporation.
Derrick Vacu-Flo™ degassers are normally shipped fully assembled with the eductor strapped to the same skid. A label indicating the weight of the unit is affixed to the equipment. While the machine is still mounted on the wooden shipping skid, the unit should be transported on the ground using a forklift. After the machine is removed from the shipping skid, either a forklift or overhead-lifting device may be used.

The Reasons You Should Go For Desander

The first time screen installation, you should inspect the screen dimension, such as 1250±2mm, the tolerance can’t over it. After fixed rubber strip, then put screen, shelve strip from shaker back (drilling fluid input), and push wedge evenly on two sides use hammer to push or tension wedges, make two sides identical. Tension each screens subsequently.

shaker screen replacement. During operation, when screens broken or need to be replaced, get wedge out, then bring out screen, check if rubber strips are sufficient; then put new screen on shaker deck and tension it steadily. The Desander is finished.

Shaker deck angle adjustment refer to fig V. There are bracket, fixed pedestal, worm and gear lifter, up-down chasingleader, etc. When adjustment, handle wheel rotary by clockwise, Solids Control will be larger; handle wheel rotary by anti clockwise shaker deck angle will be less. is the owner of the article on shaker screen,Desander and Solids Control.The website  and another website  is introduce the factory of america and chinese infor.

Maintenance cuttings dryer step

Forbidden to open the guards of the drum and belt, refit it after opening because of stoppage for some reason,When you open the cover to clean and maintain the cuttings dryer system , take note of protecting the nozzle of drum’s small end carefully, because the nozzle is made of hard alloy materials, it is hard and brittle, so jacking and hammering the nozzle is never allowed, and it is also forbidden to put any stick or fingers into the nozzle while the auxiliary motor is working. Even though the drum has stopped now, but the propeller is still working. Stick pulled in will damage the nozzle , and finger may be cut off,If shear pin is cut , replace it with a new one of the same specification and material. It is the best to use the shear pin provided by original manufacture. No other shear pins are. After using , flush and stop according to operational rules . Otherwise, drum or propeller may be jammed.
Make sure discharged solids can flow out of the tank smoothly, otherwise the gate may be blocked,pay attention to rigidity of the tank surface where centrifuge is mounted so as to avoid resonance,Check if main and auxiliary motor’s rotational direction is the same as arrows shows after resetting, no sand can be discharged if not.
Protect feed pipe carefully when removing and installing the centrifuge. Abrasion with the drum will occur when it is bent and it will be wear out at last,Six lunate discs are installed at the big end of the drum. Remount them back according to its series number after disconnecting, don’t exchange them so as to keep drum’s interia balance,No untrained personnel is permitted to operate the centrifuge.
1.Maintenance cuttings dryer .
There are four grease filling points in the centrifuge, two of them are at the top of the main bearing base. After every 8 hours’ running, fill No.2 lithium base grease in ,fill until excessive oil flow out. Another two filling point are at the left and right axle of the drum, fill 2# lithium base grease once every 50 hours (Each time, press grease gun for 10 times)
2.Lubricate the planetary gear box with No.68 engine oil. After the first 150 hours’ running , the engine oil should be replaced completely : First, drain off all the used oil , then fill in 4kg of diesel oil, screw the plug, and then discharge the diesel oil after manually rotating the differential several turns. In the same way, flush it for 2~3 times , finally, fill No.68 engine oil to the required level.
From now on, after every 1000 hours’ running , replace the oil according to the procedures described above .
3.No.20 or No.6 hydraulic transmission oil is normally used for filling into the hydraulic coupler . the oil in the coupler not only have the function of lubrication, but also as a media of transferring torque. The amount of oil feed directly affect the capacity of torque transmission. Max. oil feed shouldn’t exceed 80% of the total volume, otherwise coupler isn’t effective in buffering motor’s starting impact, then lead to pressure rising in the couple cavity while it is running, increase hydraulic loss, leakage and heat may occur; Min. oil feed can’t less than 50% of the total volume, otherwise, bearing can’t be fully lubricated, speed the wear of the bearing, at the same time, noise occur. replace the oil in the coupler after 3000 hours’ running . The oil filled must be filtrated by 80~100 strainer screen in order to keep debris out.