GN Solids America-Drilling Waste Management Company

GN Solids America LLC is a subsidiary of Hebei GN Solids Control Co, Ltd. who is a leading manufacturer for solids control & drilling waste management equipment for oil gas drilling, coal bed methane drilling, underground construction, and dredging slurry separation.

Since over 60% of GN’s business is dedicated to the oil gas industry, and 70% of our business is for the overseas market, the parent company has made the natural choice to establish its US branch in Houston, Texas, the top oil & gas industry centers in the world in order to develop it as the primary sales & marketing center for our international business for the drilling waste management equipment

Drilling Waste Management -GN America

Drilling Waste Management -GN America

GN Solids America will establish a 30,000 square foot warehouse, along with 1000 square feet of indoor space which will stock the top selling drilling waste management equipment. We plan to have a growing team which will include, among others, sales and service engineers, managers and executives for our business in America and Canada, and develop it to cover our business operations in Latin America.

GN Vertical Cutting Dryer is one of the popular products for OBM and SBM.As the developing for the evironment regulations,the drilling waste management has become more and more import.As an international famous brand for solids control,GN has been developping products suiting for drilling waste management.Up to March,2012, GN Solids Control is the only one API Certified manufacturer who provide Vertical Cutting Dryer for drilling waste management.GN also have the H-I G Dryer Shaker,and Dewatering Centrifuges,Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge availalble for drilling waste management and solids control.

GN Solids America- Drilling Waste Management Mission Statement

GN Solids America’s mission is threefold.

  • First is to create and ensure positive image of the GN Solids Control brand in the oil & gas industry drilling waste management.
  1. Second is to provide the most cost-effective solution for drilling solids control & drilling waste management.
  1. Third is to provide fast delivery and service for our customers the US & Canada, which we hope to build a good image for quality oil & gas drilling waste management products made in China.

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