Wastewater Treatment

With the accelerated development of society, the sewage wastewater discharged through food, chemical and other industries can be seen everywhere, the national government has also issued corresponding targets for sewage treatment, and for the way of sewage treatment, it needs physical, biological and chemical treatment to remove impurities. Now, the common solution to this problem is to separate sewage and waste residue through decanter centrifuge, in the process of biological and chemical auxiliary treatment, and then through the continuous circulation of centrifuge equipment after the sewage can be turned into available water resources.

The use of decanter centrifuges to treat sewage problems mainly goes through the following stages:

Stage 1: Screening and preprocessing

Because many waste water because of external reasons, there will be too many solid waste inside, such as some common garbage items, cosmetics, sanitary products, rags, plastic products, stone particles and so on. And in order to avoid damage to separation equipment, we have to filter out the waste in the wastewater, do this step is very important.

Phase II: Physical/Chemical treatment

This stage can remove a lot of solid impurities, it is necessary to use decanter centrifuge equipment, but in this process to the treatment of waste water to add a certain amount of coagulant or polymer and other chemical agents, to the sewage of small particle impurities to polymer, so as to facilitate decanter centrifuge equipment for solid-liquid separation treatment, if the sewage contains oil, oil and water separation can be carried out after re-separation treatment.

Phase III: Biological treatment

This stage is the final stage, starting with the adjustment of sewage through physical filters, such as sand filters, to remove residual organic and inorganic pollutant particles in the water. The second is sterilization, which can be used to sterilize water quality by ultraviolet light or chlorination.

It can be seen from the above steps that the cost of treating wastewater into available water resources is high, and it is very tedious at the same time. Liaoning Fuyi production of decanter centrifuge can do continuous operation processing, and can be different material separation requirements to develop appropriate centrifuge equipment, if there are other details need to know, can be at any time at any time.

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