Drilling Mud Curing Treatment

In recent years, with the increasing environmental pollution, the state pays more and more attention to environmental protection. Especially this year, the special action of environmental protection swept across the country, in order to let enterprises attach importance to environmental protection, so that enterprises in the process of production to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection. For the construction engineering industry, the drilling cast-in-place pile mud treatment is an urgent need to solve the environmental protection point, mud discharge absorption point on the surrounding environment is also huge, so not to solve this problem, the construction industry will also face the risk of closure and regulation.

In the past, the mud discharged by bored piles was transported to the designated absorption site through mud tankers. The mud sedimentation tank is set up in the absorption yard. After three stages of sedimentation, the digger digs out the sediment and transports it to the evaporation tank. After natural dehydration and solidification, it is transported to the site as subgrade filler, earth backfill or local backfill waste soil.

Mud curing treatment

In the process of precipitation and evaporation, occupying a large area of the site will cause certain damage to the surrounding ecology. The sewage discharge after sedimentation and the landfill of waste soil caused some damage to the surrounding environment. If the harmful substances in the mud are buried on the spot, it is easy to cause pollution and damage to the surrounding groundwater sources.

Because of the damage of mud and environmental protection special activities, our project has introduced the mud curing dehydration treatment equipment. The mud curing equipment we introduced is “potion” curing, the moisture content of the mud block after dewatering is controlled at about 20%, which can reach the condition of earth-moving out; the water used for the construction of bored cast-in-place piles can be recycled through dehydration equipment, and the water use rate is up to 95%; the mud curing field is digested to reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment.

Slurry curing process

The main parts of the treatment process of mud curing treatment equipment are: liquid mixer, mud curing reaction tank, mud curing filter press, mud pressure filtration water collection system. First, the liquid is mixed into the liquid mixer to stir, and then the curing agent is prepared, and then a branch pipe is set up on the input pipe of the mud curing reaction tank, and the curing liquid mixer is connected, and the proportion of the mud mixing liquid is controlled by the liquid flow rate and the mud flow rate. After mixing the appropriate proportion of liquid slurry into the curing reaction tank, it is pressurized and transported to the mud curing filter press, and the water in the mud is removed by physical and mechanical extrusion.

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