Trailer Mounted Mud Treating System

GN Solids Control is one turn-key solution provider on various mud or slurry treatments. With more and more countries pay great attention to the environmental protection, GN Solids Control mud treating systems are having larger and larger needs.
Just take an example, GN Solids Control manufactures hundreds of mud treating systems for the HDD, CBM, TBM mud treatment. Actually, GN Solids Control just finished one trailer mounted mud treating system for one Africa customer.
GN Solids Control is especially good at designing and manufacturing customized mud treating systems. Although GN Solids Control also provides standard mud treating systems, GN customized systems are meeting customers’ needs much better. This trailer mounted mud system is especially designed based on customer’s demand. All the treating equipment are mounted on one trailer mud tank, so GN customer can move those compact mud treating mud system very easily.
The GN trailer mounted mud treating system includes:
1. GN shaker
Drilling slurry contains large rocks or wastes are feed into GN shaker first. Here GN Solids Control is using opening mesh shaker screens which are made by long resistance stainless steel. Composite frame shaker screens can also be used to pretreat the slurry.
2. GN Mud Cleaner
With 10 inch desander hydrocyclones and 4 inch desilter hydrocyclones mounted on the same size shale shaker, GN Mud Cleaner can separate out solids larger than 25 microns.
3. GN Mud Tank
GN shaker and mud cleaner is mounted on the trailer tank. The land transporting dimensions are all comply with the local vehicles standard.
4. GN Centrifugal Feeding Pump
2 sets of centrifugal pumps are used to feed GN mud cleaner: 1 set to feed the 10 inch cyclones and the other set to feed the 4 inch cyclones. There is also a third centrifugal pump which will be used to feed into the HDD drilling rigs.
Depend the drilling needs, one GN mud hopper will also be used in order to add drilling chemicals.

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