GN Shakers Delivered to India

GN Solids Control is very famous solids control and waste management systems manufacturer. Until now, GN Solids Control equipment has been exported to more than seventy countries. GN Solids Control just provided 6 sets shale shakers and several jet mud mixers to one customer from India.
Although the global oil and gas market is still pretty slow, there are still some drilling activities in India. As one of the most important market, GN Solids Control has been providing solids control and waste management equipment to India for many years.
All those solids control equipment in this order will be used in one India drilling rig site shortly. GN Solids Control has been manufacturing shale shakers for many years. Shale shaker is one most common used equipment to separate drilling slurry or drilling cuttings.
GN Solids Control has been always working on designing and upgrading the current solids control equipment in order to meet customers’ changing demands. This year, GN Solids Control has modified the former shaker and upgrade it the F version.
There are many advantages if you compared with the former version shale shakers:
1. GN Solids Control provides composite frame shaker screens for our shale shakers. Composite frame shaker screens last longer, some of them are even better than the original shaker screens.
2. GN special designed gear handle unit is used to change the shakers pretty fast. Due to GN composite frame screens are very light compared to those metal frame ones, only one worker is totally enough to change the screens.
3. Heat treatment for the shaker, which can be used as drying shaker (G force up to 8.0G). Shaker deck is made of stainless steel material also embedded with GN patent rubber sealing.
4. Working angle (between -1 degree and +5 degree) can be changed easily by using the former mentioned gear unit.

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