The OBM Drilling Cuttings Dyer of GN Sold to Multiple African Clients


The Drilling Cuttings Dyer for Oil-based Cuttings is one of the important equipment in the process of oil and natural gas exploitation. It is used to dry the cuttings generated during drilling, reducing environmental pollution and resource waste.

Oil-based mud’s main components include oil, water, and various additives. Due to its special composition, oil-based mud has a potential significant harm to the environment and ecosystems.

The detailed analysis of the pollution and characteristics of oil-based mud are as follows:


The oil components in oil-based mud can contaminate soil and water bodies, affecting the ventilation of soil and the survival of aquatic organisms. At the same time, the additives in oil-based mud, such as heavy metals and salts, also cause pollution to the environment. These substances can affect the structure and fertility of soil, and may also cause toxic effects on plants and animals.

Difficult to handle:

Due to the complex composition of oil-based mud, it is difficult to handle. Conventional water treatment methods may not effectively remove oil and other harmful substances. Additionally, the storage and handling of oil-based mud may also raise safety and environmental concerns.

Harm to ecosystems:

Oil-based mud may have long-term effects on ecosystems. For example, it may affect soil microbial activity, thereby affecting soil fertility and plant growth. Additionally, oil-based mud may also have adverse effects on aquatic organisms, disrupting the ecological balance of water bodies.


GN solids control‘s Drilling Cuttings Dyer for Oil-based Cuttings adopts advanced technology and materials, with features such as high efficiency, stability, and energy saving, able to meet the needs of different clients. In the African market, the company’s products have been successfully applied to multiple oil fields and drilling platforms, receiving high praise and recognition from clients.

The sale to multiple African clients not only demonstrates the advantages of GN solids control‘s products in terms of quality and performance, but also further expands the company’s sales network and market influence. In the future, the company will continue to focus on technological innovation and product upgrades, providing customers with better service and products.