Sales of Mud Recovery System and Mud Water Separation System to an Asian Customers

With the acceleration of urbanization in Asia, non-excavation technology has been widely used in underground pipeline repair and installation. Among them, the mud water separation system and mud recovery system have become the key links. Recently, GN Solids Control company has successfully sold these two systems to non-excavation customers in Asia, marking a new breakthrough in the business of this field.

The mud water separation system plays a crucial role in non-excavation engineering. During pipeline repair and installation, large amounts of mud and wastewater are generated. These wastewaters contain a large amount of suspended solids, oils, and other impurities. If discharged directly without treatment, they will cause serious pollution to the environment. The mud water separation system can effectively separate solid particles, oils, and other impurities from the mud to meet discharge standards, protect the environment, and also comply with local government environmental requirements.

The application characteristics of mud water separation system

Efficient mud purification

The system can fully purify the mud, effectively control the mud’s performance indicators, and reduce drilling accidents to improve hole making quality.

Slurry recovery and utilization

The system can achieve slurry recovery and utilization, saving material costs for slurry preparation, while significantly reducing the transportation costs of waste mud and the cost of making mud.

Effective soil residue separation

The effective separation of soil residue by the equipment can improve hole making efficiency.

Environmental friendliness

The closed-loop purification method of mud and the low moisture content of residue reduce environmental impact.

Compact structural design

The system has a reasonable design,compact structure, small footprint, and has an anti-dry pump function, effectively extending the service life of the cyclone separator mud pump.

High-quality cyclone separators

The cyclone separators are made of polyurethane material with long service life, light weight, and easy maintenance.

Wide application range

It is suitable for mud protection wall, excavators, pile foundation engineering using cyclic drilling technology, diaphragm wall engineering, and mud water jacking engineering for mud purification and recovery.

In the future, GN Solids Control will continue to focus on the development trends of non-excavation technology, continuously innovate and improve our products and services, and provide more quality and environmentally friendly solutions to customers. At the same time, we also look forward to cooperating with more non-excavation customers in Asia to jointly promote the urbanization process and the development of non-excavation technology in Asia.