The non Oil Gas Application of Shale shaker

Different from the application in oil and gas drilling, the application of shale shaker is developing fastest in the field of excavation free drilling. Many of the above types of vibrating screens, together with hydrocyclones, constitute drilling fluid cleaning equipment. Micro tunnel micro tunnel engineering is widely used in Europe and more and more in the United States. Micro tunnel drilling is a kind of horizontal drilling in a large borehole (from 27 to 10F), with cobalt entering while laying pipelines. This method is most typical when laying or replacing water pipes and sewage pipes under urban buildings and traffic arteries.
In order to prepare for construction, dig out large-diameter vertical boreholes or open caissons first, so as to install drilling equipment and hydraulic press at a fixed depth. The position of the open caisson is slightly lower than the equipment level, so a sedimentation tank can be formed when the drilling fluid returns, which is conducive to the removal of solid phase. The drilling fluid pumped back to the surface is pumped into a simple solid phase removal system through a submersible pump, which is mainly composed of a vibrating screen and a drilling fluid cleaner installed on a small storage tank.
River crossing in order to lay pipelines at the bottom of the river, it is necessary to drill a small-size well on the riverbed. When reaming with a larger diameter hole where the pipeline is laid, the pipeline is connected to the drilling tool and dragged back under the river. When laying large-scale pipelines, a solid solid control system must be established with composite vibrating screen, desander, desilter and centrifuge. Drilling fluid cleaning equipment reduces the waste of drilling fluid.
When laying pipelines and cables across roads, it is often required to pass under the roads. The roadside drilling shall not affect the traffic or damage the road surface. Usually, the drilling size is very small to avoid the use of solid removal equipment. If the drilling fluid is affected by the accumulation, the drilling size is too large or the subgrade is wide, the vibrating screen or drilling fluid cleaner will be used.
The laying of fiber optic cable does not need to drill a large borehole. However, due to the frequent construction in residential and commercial areas, the drilling fluid and drilling solid phase must be loaded into special devices. At this time, the solid control system only includes a small storage tank, a pump box and a small vibrating screen.

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