The Fifth Generation Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Wastewater treatment project

Last week, GN delivered 2 units 18inch decanter centrifuge to abroad client for waste water treatment. As we all know GN begin with manufacturing solids control equipment for oil gas industry. Such as shale shaker and vertical cutting dryer. As long as the accumulation of technology, we upgrade our centrifuge and designed the centrifuge for waste water treatment. Actually this is our fifth generation centrifuge. Compared with old design, it adapt new technology and upgrade the control system.
In this project , it is GNLW454ET-VFD centrifuge. The bowl length is 4 times of bowl diameter. The old design is 3 times length. Longer bowl means the material can stay longer time for treatment, we can get dryer solids and more clean liquid. The 2 units centrifuge are for municipal water treatment. The solids content is about 2%, and the actually treating capacity is about 40 cube meter. The actual treating capacity related with solids content. When solids content is higher , the capacity is lower. For this centrifuge, we mounted 1 unit 45 kw motor and 1 unit 15kw back motor, both are controlled by VFD. The speed is adjustable, the max GN force i2 2093G.

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge

To longer the life time, we mounted tungsten carbon tile to protect the scroll. As we all know the scroll is easily wearing when it push solids. This tungsten carbon tile is anti-wear and protect scroll. When some of these tiles was damaged, client only need to replace the damage part.
To protect the equipment well, we add some monitor on centrifuge, such as temperature monitor and vibration monitor. These measured sign can transfer to PLC to control the equipment. When equipment is abnormal ,the control system can stop the machine automatically.

GN can provide lots customized function according to client requirement, control the feeding flow, adjust speed automatically. We are professional centrifuge manufacture . and also solids-liquid separation system. If you have demand, welcome to contact us. We will be pleased to support.

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