5 Sets GN ZCQ360B Vacuum Degasser for China Drilling Company

As we all know the drilling mud is very important for petroleum well drilling. As usual, the petroleum well depth can arrive to 1000 to 7000 meters. In this program, the rig can meet lots complex geology situation, we must use drilling mud to help rig to protect well. For example , at the rock stratum, rig need lubrcate and take out the drill mud out well. Drilling mud is most widely be used for this application. Drilling mud is very important medium material to guarantee the drilling success.
Drilling mud can balance the pressure of outside and inside well. Through adjust the mud density by mixing barite or some other material to get the adapt density that we need. These high density mud can stop the well wall extruding rig, and prevent the headframe landslide. So the correct density is the key to guarantee the mud property. However in the drilling progress, as long as the mud be recycling and using time by time, the mud property will reduce and also it it mill mix some air contented inside of mud. Some times, we can see the mud have bubble. These bubbly will reduce the mud density and bring disaster since it can lead the blowout. Remove out the air is very important for drill.
GN vacuum degasser is specially used to remove these bubble. Inside the desander tank, it will generate a vacuum space to suck the mud into its tank, meanwhile ,the mud will be blend with high rotation speed, the center of liquid will generate a hydrocyclone , the air pressure at this part is very low, the air will be push out from high pressure place the inside of mud. And reach our purpose that remove out the air. GN degasser is a high efficiency equipment for drilling mud process, if you have demanded , welcome to contact us.

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