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GN Mining System for South America Customer

GN Solids Control is especially good at manufacturing mud treating and recycling systems. Most of GN mud systems are using in oil and gas area for providing clean drilling fluids. GN mud systems are largely used in some other industries, such as the diamond drilling, core drilling, mining etc. Just some days before, GN Solids Control provided one set of mining dewatering system.
This system is including one mini shaker GNZS752 and one mini centrifuge GNLW223. Both of those above equipment are located on one mud tank.
It is well known that GN Solids Control shakers are effectively used as the first phase separation. GN Solids Control also produces shaker screens in many different sizes, basically, the well-known shaker screens that you have ever seen in the market can be manufactured by GN Solids Control. GN manufactures various of replacement shaker screens for world famous shaker screens such as National, Fluid System, King Cobra, Derrick etc. GN Solids Control also manufactures its own size shaker screens for GNZS752 and some other models.

GN Mini Centrifuge and Mini Shaker
Mining slurry is treated by GN mini shaker firstly, coarse solids can be separated out by GN shaker. Slurry is feed into the mini 9 inch decanter centrifuge with a screw pump after treated by shaker. Here the mini centrifuge separate out the solids larger than 2~5 microns.
GN Solids Control built this mining slurry system in a compact design. Shaker and centrifuge are all fixed on a small mud tank which has two compartments: one compartment is used to stock the slurry separated by the shaker, while the other tank is used to stock the overflow from the shaker tank. Clean fluids discharged from mini centrifuge will also be stocked in the second compartment.

In order to add and mix chemicals conveniently, GN Solids Control also add one mud hopper for this treating system. One control cabinet to control the centrifugal pump is also assembled for on and off.
Now GN Houston warehouse has one mini shaker and two mini centrifuges in stock, welcome to have a look when you have time. vv