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GN Solids Control Mud Tanks for Global Customers

GN Solids Control manufactures various mud tanks. Many customers in the world have been purchased from GN Solids Control.
Recently, GN Solids Control has been received many mud tanks inquiries, such as one inquiry from Canada, one of GN Solids Control customer would like to have one minimum (1) 500bbl mixing tank with 6×5 mud pump to circulate fluid, as well as (3-4) agitators to keep the solids in this tank suspended.
This Canada customer is interested in expanding operations, but we don’t typically treat fluids our operations are primarily deep well disposal.
GN Solids Control has provided many sets of mixing tanks. We manufacture hundreds of mud mixing tanks every year, from 100 bbl to 10,000 bbl. Here is one typical mud mixing system based on customers’ demands.
The 500bbl mixing tanks are including the following equipment , while it can be customized based on you demands. drilling mud system
1. GN Mud Tank
Tank size is 13×2.5×2.5m, includes walkway, ladder, guiderails etc.
2. GN Mud Agitator
GNJBQ110DD, motor power is 11kw. It is fixed with double impellers based on the mud tanks. There are 3 sets mud agitators will be fixed on this mud tank.
3. GN Jet Mud Mixer
GNSLS35A-370D, includes 1 hopper and 2 sets 37kw centrifugal pumps. GN jet mud mixer can be used to adding new chemicals in to the recycled drilling mud.
4. Control Box
Control box is used to control on and off of the above mud agitators and centrifugal pumps, total power is 118kw
Besides those mud mixing tank, GN Solids Control also manufactures large mud treating mud plants. Some mud treating plants can also be provided.
GN Solids Control is a large solids control and waste management systems. GN Solids Control now has one large warehouse in Houston, many standard solids control equipment are stocked in Houston warehouse.

GN Mud Recycling Systems for Indian Drilling Company

GN Solids Control just provided one whole set mud system for Indian ZJ 50 Rig. Client from India come to GN Solids Control for inspecting this whole system before delivery. Good evaluations are given and some wise suggestions are also advised. GN Solids Control designed and manufactured this mud system based on customer’s demands. GN Solids Control always devoted to provide the most tailored mud systems for global clients.
This ZJ 50 rig mud system is going to be used for whole drilling fluids treating and recycling. Oil price is not high enough, many drilling companies are stopping drilling activities, even those drilling companies keep drilling, they are trying to find the most cost effective to help them survive in this cold winter. However, for those clients are still drilling, such as clients from India, Indonesia, Africa and Middle East, most of them have been realized the US and European solids control equipments are no longer their first choice, which turns out most of the cost effective equipments are made in China. As the top one manufacturer, GN Solids Control got more orders due to thousands of successful projects.
This GN Indian Mud System is including the following main equipments:
1. GN Shaker Tank
Drilling fluids is send to the 3 sets shakers via one distribution box. Solids larger than 100 microns are separated out while fluids are recovered and fallen off to the bottom tank.
Desander and desilter are also used for further separating. Hydro cyclones made of polyurethane are effectively used for eliminate those solids larger than 25 microns. Vacuum degasser is also used before those cyclones in order to provide steady drilling fluids and keep the cyclones for wear resistance.
2. GN Treating Tank
Decanter centrifuge is used here for recycle the barite.
3. GN Reserve Tank
Reserve tank or storage mud tank is used for storage those clean mud so they can be reused.

GN Drill Cuttings Management Modular Unit

GN Solids Control Co. Ltd is a leading designing and manufacturing company to provide turnkey solutions on drill cuttings management systems for global clients.
To meet the demands of modular design for fast remove and quick assemble with a cost effective budget, GN engineers have redesigned the solids control and drilling waste management systems into modular units.

High G Drying Shaker Unit Layout
1. GN Cuttings Dryer Unit
GN Cuttings Dryer is fixed on one telescopic skid, working height can be adjusted when the dryer is working or transporting. VFD control cabinet and flushing pump can be located on the skid. One lifting crane can be mounted on the skid for easy repair and maintenance. Walkway and guardrails are also assembled on the skid for convenient and safe operating.Vertical Cuttings Dryer Skid

2. GN Hi-G Shaker Unit
GN Drying Shaker is especially used to treat WBM. One set of GNZS594HGE-LD shaker is mounted on the top of a tapered mud tank. Drill cuttings separated by primary shakers can be transferred to GN Hi-G shaker by a screw conveyor. The cuttings discharged by drying shaker can be feed into a GN centrifuge for further separation.

High G Drying Shaker Unit
3. GN Decanter Centrifuge Unit
The structure of GN Decanter Centrifuge Unit is pretty the same as GN Cuttings Dryer Unit, it’s also fixed on one telescopic skid. One positive displacement pump and one variable speed control cabinet (optional) can be also fixed on the skid.

Decanter Centrifuge Skid
4. GN Solidification Unit
GN Solidification or Stabilization Unit is mainly used to treat the cuttings from desander, desilter, cuttings dryer or decanter centrifuge. All these cuttings are collected in the large hopper of GN solidification unit. By adding different chemicals and cements, the cuttings can be changed into solids pattern which is very easy for transport and move. drilling cuttings solidsfication unit
5. GN Cuttings Transfer Unit
This unit is mainly used to storage and transfer the cuttings from GN dryer or GN Hi-G shaker. Drill cuttings discharged from the shakers or desilters are transferred to the collection hopper. Then the cuttings are feed by one vacuum cuttings pump. Cuttings Transfer Unit
6. GN Intermediary Mud Transfer Unit

Mud Transfer Unit
This mud unit includes cylindrical tank, submersible pump, mud agitator and control cabinet. GN mud agitator keeps the inner mud (which usually comes from Hi-G shaker) from sedimentation, and GN submersible pump helps to pump the fluid into GN decanter centrifuge.
7. GN Catching Tank Unit
GN also provides modular catching tank unit to storage and transfer those hazardous waste. Special design to lock the mud tank when transporting keeps the fluid from spill.

Drilling Waste Conatiner