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GN Solidification Unit for Treating Drill Cuttings

GN Solids Control Co. has been provided many sets of solids control and drill cuttings management systems. Many of GN equipments are famous and popular in the global world due to excellent performance, long lasting usage and rest assured after sales service.
GN engineers just developed one new equipment for treating drill cuttings came out from cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, desander and desilter, which is called GN Solidification Unit or GN Stabilization Unit.

drilling solidification unit
The treating capacity of GN solidification unit is 10 m³/h. By adding into different materials, the drill cuttings can be changed into solid, which is very convenient to bury. All the drilling cuttings, no matter OBM, WBM can be treated by GN solidification unit.

2015.6.30 GN cuttings solidification unit
The main component of GN Solidification Unit:
1. Collecting Hopper
The collecting hopper is used to carry the cuttings, capacity can reach to 5 m³. There is one screw conveyor (with the motor of 7.5kw) under the collecting hopper to transfer drill cuttings to High- shear mixer.
2. Storage box
Two storage boxes are used to storage chemicals and cements separately. Each one can storage 1000L materials. There are two screw conveyors (1.1 kw) under these storage boxes. So all the chemicals and cements can also be feed into the high-shear mixer for shearing.
3. High-shear mixer
The High-shear mixer is used to mix all the drill cuttings with absorber and cements together. The shear with a large force can mix these things thoroughly. There’s also one liquid inlet, chemicals can be also be added to help mix the drill cuttings.
GN solidification unit has already been used in client’s worksite. The client is one of the world’s top 500 companies on construction industry. They also purchased some Hi-G shakers for treating the drill cuttings. The high G force is up to 8.0G. GN Hi-G shakers are mainly used for treat water base mud. For OBM, we usually recommend to use GN cuttings dryer. 2015.6.30 High G dryer with mud tank

GN Solidification Unit for One Largest Domestic Client

GN Solids Control Co. Ltd has many experience engineers, who are keep designing advance equipments to meet our customers changing demands. Now the new invented GN Drill Cuttings Solidification Unit is delivered to one large client’s worksite for drilling cuttings further separation.
Now all the drilling cuttings can be treated by GN decanter centrifuge and GN cuttings dryer, which are all mechanical separation. Oil in the cuttings can be controlled around 5%. But due to the strict environment protection rule, it’s better to find a cost effective way to treat the cuttings less than 5% oil.
GN Solidification Unit can mix cement and silicon or some other chemicals thoroughly with the drill cuttings, so after fully mixing and chemical reaction, the solids come out from GN Solidification Unit can be reused for construction materials.drilling solidification unit
GN Solidification Unit includes the following parts:
1. GN Cuttings Hopper
The cuttings hopper is used to storage all the cuttings from High G drying shaker or decanter centrifuge. Capacity reaches to 5 CBM.
2. GN Screw Conveyor
It transfers the cuttings to the High shear mixing tank. 2015.6.30 High G dryer with mud tank
3. Two Storage Boxes
One is used for storaging cement and the other one is used to storage absorber. There is separated screw conveyor connected to the storage box, so they can be transferred to the shearing tank.
4. Mixing Tank
All the cuttings, cement, absorber as well as some necessary liquid chemicals will be thoroughly mixed and sheared. So the solidified cuttings will be pushed to the oue let and discharged, then they can be reused for construction materials etc.
Besides this GN Solidification Unit, GN also provides two High G shakers to this client. All the drill fluids will be separated by GN drying shaker in advance.
For the other cuttings from decanter centrifuge, they can also be feed into GN solidification unit for further separating. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach GN Solids America.2015.6.30 GN cuttings solidification unit

Different Usages for GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Hi-G Shaker

GN Solids Control manufactures 60 sets to 100 sets cuttings dryers every year. It can be used to separate OBM or WBM. Usually, in order to save cost the Hi-G shaker will be a replacement solution to separate the WBM, while the cuttings dryer can be used to treat OBM.
For the cuttings that separated by shale shaker, mud cleaner, it contains around 20% oil. Then these cuttings will be feed into the cuttings dryer. If we use GN High G Drying Shaker, normally we can get the oil on the cuttings around 10-12%. But if we use GN cuttings dryer, we can get the oil on the cuttings to be 3-5%. For every 100 Tons drilling cuttings, without using TDU to heat the drilling cuttings, our clients can recycle additional 7 Tons oil.

GN Cuttings Dryer
The treating capacity of GN vertical cuttings dryer is around 30~40 Tons/H. Solids that larger than 250 microns will be separated out, while the smaller size solids will be left in the drilling fluids.
The wet material enter the TDU will reduce the capacity dramatically as we know. The solids come out from GN cuttings dryer and GN Hi-G shaker can be send to TDU for further separation, but due to the oil in the cuttings is not the same ( 3-5% OOC cuttings after treated by GN cuttings dryer and 10-12% OOC cuttings after treated by GN Hi-G Shaker), the difference is pretty obvious. By using the cuttings dryer, it will increase capacity of the TDU, and the electricity cost will be saved.

GN Hi-G Shaker
The wet material will also increase the load of the other unit of TDU system. Like the Vapor Recovery Unit, Cooling Tower Skid, Oil water separator etc. As we know, the capacity for TDU is very small if the material especially when the materials are very wet.
Generally Speaking, considering the TDU don’t have a large treating capacity, so the cuttings can be treated by one GN cuttings dryer, one GN Hi-G shaker. Sometimes, you also need one GN decanter centrifuge for much finer solids separation.