GN Solidification Unit for One Largest Domestic Client

GN Solids Control Co. Ltd has many experience engineers, who are keep designing advance equipments to meet our customers changing demands. Now the new invented GN Drill Cuttings Solidification Unit is delivered to one large client’s worksite for drilling cuttings further separation.
Now all the drilling cuttings can be treated by GN decanter centrifuge and GN cuttings dryer, which are all mechanical separation. Oil in the cuttings can be controlled around 5%. But due to the strict environment protection rule, it’s better to find a cost effective way to treat the cuttings less than 5% oil.
GN Solidification Unit can mix cement and silicon or some other chemicals thoroughly with the drill cuttings, so after fully mixing and chemical reaction, the solids come out from GN Solidification Unit can be reused for construction materials.drilling solidification unit
GN Solidification Unit includes the following parts:
1. GN Cuttings Hopper
The cuttings hopper is used to storage all the cuttings from High G drying shaker or decanter centrifuge. Capacity reaches to 5 CBM.
2. GN Screw Conveyor
It transfers the cuttings to the High shear mixing tank. 2015.6.30 High G dryer with mud tank
3. Two Storage Boxes
One is used for storaging cement and the other one is used to storage absorber. There is separated screw conveyor connected to the storage box, so they can be transferred to the shearing tank.
4. Mixing Tank
All the cuttings, cement, absorber as well as some necessary liquid chemicals will be thoroughly mixed and sheared. So the solidified cuttings will be pushed to the oue let and discharged, then they can be reused for construction materials etc.
Besides this GN Solidification Unit, GN also provides two High G shakers to this client. All the drill fluids will be separated by GN drying shaker in advance.
For the other cuttings from decanter centrifuge, they can also be feed into GN solidification unit for further separating. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach GN Solids America.2015.6.30 GN cuttings solidification unit

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