shale shaker in linear motion operation for HDD

Horizontal directional drilling operation often need the mud solid control system as operation service machinery and  the main reason of the system is for controlling the solid particles in the slurry produced by horizontal directional crossing drilling. GN Solids America LLC is the drilling machinery  manufacturer for horizontal directional, oil drilling and many type of well drilling operation.

Linear motion shale shaker is the 1st processing equipment of solid control system, it is used for separating the large drilling cuttings from drilling fluid, and it plays first filter role in protecting drilling fluid performance.

  1. GN Solids America LLC use pair of the OLI brand motors from Italy which have the advantages of high strength vibration for produce motion for large screening area. The shale shaker have the adjustable screen box angle for a better mud flow and while shale shaker is in operation, it produce very little noise and high filter efficiency.
  2. Heat treatment of the complete shaker deck. The surface painting with heavy anticorrosion formula paint to extend the service life of shale shaker.
  3. Use the wedge secure format that secure steel or composite frame screen, the wedge can make to replace screen more convenient and easier and also can replaced into many kinds of screens.
  4. Reasonable designing the feeding box height of shale shaker logging tank can make mud buffer is uniformity flow, reduce direct impact on screen and effective extend the screen service life.
  5. We can manufacture custom made shale shaker in 316L stainless steel for clients’ anti corrosion requirements.

Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified and first Chinese solids control machinery manufacture certified by American Petroleum Institute.  GN Solids America LLC’s drilling Machinery is ideal vendor between quality, ETA and the price.


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