mud agitator

Mud agitator is a motorized mixer that is installed on the storage tank to keep fluid consist mixed with additive and avoid separation by gravity.  According to the experience of continues use on the field, the selection of mud mixer should consider to a few points:


  1. Rotation speed: Operators it does not want the cuttings in the mixing process splintered more into smaller debris, so the stirrer speeds cannot be high, the energizer should choose between 50~60rpm. For more than 60rpm of mud mixer, recommended the user to take a cautious on the result of the high rotation speed.
  2. Sealing: According to the feedback of use from the operator. As mixing conditions are not ideal, the drilling fluid mud agitator shaft is not suitable for the use of end face seal, the general packing seal is also hard to use. At present, the more suitable is the use of multiple sets of V type packing. It has self sealing performance and self compensation ability, and long-term maintenance adjustments abilities will not cause lubricating oil leakage problems.
  3. The impeller: There is a variety of mud mixer impeller, but it must take consideration that a small diameter of the blade with high speed of mixer motor have the small amount of circulation, shear force, and therefore does not apply to the use of drilling fluid solid suspension. Therefore, the diameter of the impeller should be consider larger. Second, pay attention to the turbine type impeller has been widely used in the drilling fluid mixer, which is the best open type turbine, because there is no central disc, not to hinder the mixing of the upper and lower liquid phase of the impeller.

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