Operating Factors of Sewage Horizontal Screw Centrifuge

Horizontal screw pushing sedimentation centrifuge is referred to as horizontal screw centrifuge, which has been widely used in sludge dewatering treatment of sewage treatment plant. Although different manufacturers of different specifications or models of horizontal screw centrifuges have different equipment structure, equipment material, specifications and operation adjustment mechanism, but

Its basic equipment principle is similar, now carries on the brief introduction to it, in order to facilitate the field user to use and adjust better.

The horizontal screw centrifuge is mainly composed of drum, spiral, differential system, liquid level baffle, drive system and control system.

The horizontal screw centrifuge uses the density difference of solid-liquid two-phase to the settling speed of solid particles under the action of centrifugal force to realize solid-liquid separation. The process of separation is that the sludge and flocculant solution are fed into the mixing chamber through the inlet pipe, where the mixed flocculation is carried out (if the sludge pump is added before or after the pump, the flocculation reaction is advanced). The sludge is accelerated and formed a cylindrical liquid ring layer (liquid ring area) inside the rotor due to the high speed rotation and friction resistance of the rotor (spiral and drum). Under the action of centrifugal force, the specific gravity solid particles settle to the inner wall of the drum to form a mud layer (solid ring layer), and then use the screw and drum to form a mud layer (solid ring layer). The The relative velocity difference of the drum pushes the solid phase to the cone end of the drum. After the liquid level is pushed out (shore area or dry area), the mud slag can be dehydrated and dried, and the supernatant is discharged from the large end of the drum to realize the separation of solid and liquid.

The effect of the mechanical part of the horizontal screw centrifuge is divided into adjustable factors and non-adjustable factors. It can be effectively controlled in use.

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