Cleaning Procedure of Decanter Centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge is a kind of spiral discharge settling centrifuge, which is mainly composed of high speed drum, spiral conveyor with hollow rotating shaft and differential device with the same speed and lower speed than drum. The liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole of the large end of the drum. Such continuous circulation to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.

The principle used in the separation of suspension by decanter centrifuge: the principle of centrifugal sedimentation is adopted to push the solid phase to the slag outlet at the small end of the drum through the blade on the screw pusher, while the liquid phase is discharged through the overflow hole at the large end of the drum. In this way, the purpose of continuous separation can be realized.

The differential in decanter centrifuge makes abnormal noise during operation, which can be avoided. If the differential in the decanter centrifuge has abnormal noise in the working process, then there is a problem with the differential, for example, the differential parts have problems, or they are not installed in place, etc., which will lead to the above problems. Therefore, the differential should be checked to avoid the above problems. When the decanter centrifuge needs to be cleaned, the centrifuge should be stopped first; then some corresponding valves should be closed, and at the same time, open the clear water valve and rinse with clear water for 3 to 5 minutes; then, close the clear water valve so that it can be closed The centrifuge runs for a while and then stops, so that the remaining water in the centrifuge will be discharged automatically. If the water is very clear, then, it means clean, if the water is very muddy, it is not clean, should continue until the water is clear.

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