NEW Solids Control system to India

The 1500HP rig solid control system produced by GN Solids Control will be delivered to the Indian customer’s job site. The Indian customer came to our factory to visit and inspect before signing the contract with GN Solids Control. During the 1500HP rig solid control system program conversation, understand The business to customers is mainly concentrated in the oil and gas pipeline industry, and Indian customers have higher requirements for equipment handling. For the special needs of Indian customers, GN Solids Control’s  1500HP rig solid control system designed for Indian customers is compact and easy to use. Indian customers are very satisfied with this.

The 1500HP drilling rig solid control system produced by GN Solids Control mainly includes the following equipment: three GNZS703 series drilling fluid vibrating screens, the bottom frame of the screen box is made of SS316 stainless steel, the corrosion resistance and life is greatly improved, the overall heat treatment of the screen box, Siemens or Schneider components, A variety of feed feeding methods, back-type logging tanks, overhead logging tanks, funnel-type feed bins. A GNZJ703F-2S12N mud cleaner with 100% polyurethane material for compact structure and space saving. A GNZCQ360 series vacuum degasser can quickly remove various gases intruding into the drilling fluid during on-site use, which plays an important role in restoring the specific gravity of the mud and stabilizing the performance of the mud. A GNZYQ1000 series liquid-gas separator can effectively remove gas intrusion gas and ensure safe operation during drilling. Two GNZS8×6-13J sand pumps, sand pumps are mechanically sealed, wear-resistant parts are made of wear-resistant alloy ductile iron, and the whole machine base is integrally cast, which can be used as mud supply for solid-liquid separation equipment. A GNSB 4×3-11J replenishment pump is used for on-site replenishment of mud. A set of mud tanks is used to install solid control equipment, storage mud, and the like.

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