High G Shaker for CNOOC

GN Solids Control A set of mud solid control system customized for CNOOC customers was successfully completed this week and will be sent to the customer site. This system is mainly a high-G drying screen system and a mud cleaner. The equipment will be used in offshore drilling platforms. After years of stable cooperation with CNOOC customers, the cement solid-control equipment products produced by Guanneng Company are highly competitive. The quality and service advantages of the company have been highly favored by CNOOC customers. The high-G drying screen system produced by Guanneng Company is mainly composed of high-G drying screen system and mud tank. The high-G dry screen company is designed to dry the drill cuttings, and the drill cuttings can be dried to a transportable state without Need to add any chemicals, high G dry sieve excitation strength up to 8.0G, and can be adjusted, can effectively dry drill cuttings, high G dry sieve box overall heat treatment, can meet long-term work under high excitation strength, the same can energy company The bottom frame of the screen box is designed to be stainless steel. The corrosion resistance and life of the screen are greatly improved. The high-G drying screen electrical control is designed by using international famous brand electrical components, Siemens or Schneider, high G dry sieve funnel feeding mode. The utility model effectively reduces the height of the slurry and facilitates the feeding of the conveyor. GN Solids Control design and manufacture of various types of tanks including mud tanks, water tanks, oil tanks, etc. The clay tanks supported by CNOOC customers are mainly used for storage of transitional mud, and the tanks of Guannenggu control are often used for installation. Solid control equipment, storage mud, configuration mud, etc. The mud cleaner cyclone produced by Guanneng Company adopts pure polyurethane material, which has compact structure and saves land. The screen box is made of stainless steel, and the motor and electric control are all internationally renowned explosion-proof brands.

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